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What do you think about Texas Governor Rick Perry?

Asked by bkcunningham (18444points) June 18th, 2011

Here is a video of a the Governor at the Repubican Leadership Conference today, June 18th, in Louisiana.

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I think he has abandoned his state in an attempt to gain press coverage.

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I think a comment made about the governor of my state of Florida, Rick Scott, also applies to Mr. Perry – there are so many wildfires burning in their respective states becaase there are the fires of h*ll and they want their devils back.

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Hey @cats22, I live in Florida and there really are wildfires burning. Also, Daytona Beach was given tornado warnings today. But it was pretty nice where I am about 2 or 2.5 hours from Daytona Beach. I don’t know what “wants their devils back” means. Sorry.

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He’s a nut.

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Why do you think he’s a nut @lillycoyote? What did he say that makes you say that?

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I’m no fan of Haley Barbour, but I thought that his statements in favor of party unity at the conference were much more sensible:

“We are not going to have a perfect candidate. There has only been one perfect person that has ever walked on this Earth, and there’s not going to be one who runs for president in 2012. [...] In politics, purity is a loser.”

This is not an endorsement of anything else Barbour said in the speech.

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One reason?

_“This spring, Governor Perry proclaimed “the three-day period from Friday, April 22, 2011, to Sunday, April 24, 2011, as Days of Prayer for Rain in the State of Texas.”

Read more at The New Yorker

What? It’s not nutty unless the Governor of Texas officially proclaims that there will be 3 days of rain dancing?

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BKcunningham – We have over 300 fires reportedly currently burning in the state. I hope you are not near one of them. That has been the problem with some of our thunderstorms beginning to fire up each day – lots of lightening to start fires, but little rain. Basically the joke was that He- double- toothpicks wants the devil to come back down and both governors are supposedly devils.

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I live in Austin, so he’s on the news all the time. I’m still not sure if he’s actually a nut, or just willing to say whatever he needs to when speaking to a particular group.

Some highlights

> At a Tea Party rally, he said that Texas might just need to secede from the US if Washington didn’t get their act together sourcestanding by initial comments
> Just veto’d our local bill against driving and texting, and is on record pace to veto the most bills of any Texas governor
> The guy’s campaign commercials, regardless of your political affiliation, come across as pretty funny. You could summarize them as Texas Rules… Vote Perry
> My personal favorite Perry moment, after an interview with a reporter he had disagreed with before the mic was still on and caught him mocking the interviewer then adding adios mofo

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I am disappointed that he’s not following through with his plan to secede.

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What is funny about his campaign ads @funkdaddy? I honestly don’t understand the adios mofo thing.

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Country boy/small town outlook. He doesn’t seem to understand or care about metropolitan problems. His idea of a serious traffic situation is 5 cars trying to get around a tractor.

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He is a worthless, greedy, s.o.b. & why my fellow Texans keep electing this clown to office is beyond me – you would think they would have the ability to learn, but they don’t seem to.

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Why is he worthless and greedy @Linda_Owl. What examples can you give? I’m really thinking he’s going to be running on the Republican ticket and I’m curious what you know that I don’t.

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Rick Perry caters to the wealthy at the expense of people who get by on the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum. He has gutted the various social services that were intended to care for the disadvantaged & the elderly. He has given numerous tax breaks to many businesses that have proven track records of being environmentally harmful (without insisting that they correct the violations), his record on school/education issues is terrible – absolutely no support for our teachers at all.

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@Linda_Owl Yeah, what is it now? 11 frickin’ years for Perry? I lived in Texas, Austin for 7 years and Clements was Governor most of the time but at least I got the pleasure of Ann Richard’s campaign and a couple of years of her as Governor.

@bkcunningham You seem to be asking a lot of questions, asking other people to explain why they think what they think, fine, but that was not part of your question but still, you nothing of substance to say yourself, just dropping in every once in a while to put people on the spot. Are you just taking a poll or do you have a point here? Your question is “What do you think about Texas Governor Rick Perry?” People are telling you what they think but that doesn’t seem good enough for you. Maybe your question should have been “What do you know about Texas Governor Rick Perry?”

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I wanted to get a different perspective of what other people think of him @lillycoyote. I’m pretty conservative. I didn’t post the question to pit my views against other views and have a debate. I just wanted to see other’s opinions and views and learn something new from that.

I didn’t have very much time Sunday night to respond to each post. I appreciate what everyone has said so far though.

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Rick Perry is also against Gay Rights (especially against them getting married) & he is anti-abortion & anti-Planned Parenthood. He is a “holier-than-thou” hypocrite who lives large but wants anyone who is not ‘to the manner born’ to have to scrape by. Unfortunately, far too many Texans think he is just great, the same way that they think of Bush (who was one of the worst presidents that this country has ever had).

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I fully support Rick Perry’s previous assertion that Texas should secede from the Union. It would accomplish two things, first we could get rid of a state that has a fast track for executing prisoners and allowing unregulated business to control the state (country) and two, it will make Perry ineligible for the presidency because that honor is only for U.S. citizens. It would be a good idea if he could take Alabama and Mississippi with them.

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@Ron_C – sure… and Louisiana, Arkansas… hell, just the whole southeastern US.

That will work great

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@funkdaddy why not? They are big supporters of the neoconservatives who are crippling this country and “right to work” states which means they reserve the right to exploit labor. I would expect slavery to be re-instituted shortly after the secession and not just for black people.

I think Lincoln had a bad idea killing a half a million soldiers just to form a strong federal government.

It is either let them secede or let them drag the whole country down to their level.

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11 February, 2017: Who?

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He spells his given name with a silent “P”.

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@Espiritus_Corvus – The new Secretary of the Department of Energy… he broke out his glasses so he could follow a MIT Professor of Physics and a Nobel Prize winner. His qualifications? Texas has oil, and he’s from Texas… so ENERGY!

Of course Texas’ budget was cut this year because apparently those policies weren’t that solid after all. Facts don’t matter though.

Most famous in Texas for praying for rain and the already mentioned “Adios Mofo”.

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