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You are babysitting a rabbit that craps gold nuggets, do you keep it or return it?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) June 19th, 2011

An oddly dressed old woman approached you on the street, she asks you to hold on to her rabbit. She says she just had to move and would like you to keep the rabbit for 20 days until she gets settle in her new place and come back to take it off your hands. She says it will benefit you greatly if you babysat the rabbit. You take the rabbit home in its cage, you expect there will be rabbit pellets to clean from the cage but you do not find any, just tiny gold looking pellets about 70g in size. You bag some up and go to a jeweler or foundry and find out it is indeed 24k solid gold. The rabbit pushes about eight pellets a day. At the end of the 20 days when the woman comes back to reclaim the rabbit what would you do? Would you say the rabbit died and keep it, give it back, something else?

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I would return the rabbit since it is not mine, and be glad that I was able to benefit from the rabbit. I’m not very good at lying, and I’d probably feel bad if I did.

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I would probably crap gold nuggets.

Holy shit! Keep the shiny basturds.

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I would definitely keep the nuggets, might make sure I fed it really well to enhance its output too. I would give the rabbit back though. Can’t be too greedy hey?

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I would ask the woman how she got such a rabbit and ask if she could breed it and give me one of the off spring that inherited the trait

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If it is a male rabbit, I would get a few females and let them breed. So even if the gold shitting trait is recessive, I should get a few working specimen out of it.

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i would be on the next plane out, with the rabbit in a kennel and all the neccessary papers once i realised this rabbit pooped gold

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I would keep the rabbit and make her live as long as possible.

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I would give the rabbit back, no questions asked. After waiting a couple of hours to make sure the nuggets are still gold, off to the jeweler’s and hopefully they don’t turn into real poo as I hand them over. Get that fairy gold out of my house.

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Give the rabbit back, and ask why the rabbit pooped gold. I would assume that “it will benefit you greatly if you babysat the rabbit” would be license to keep what I collected.

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In five days I would have 40 solid gold nuggets.. I would then cash them in, find a science lab and purchase a clone machine, I would then have two weeks to experiment and perfect.. Once successful I would return the rabbit and keep the clone (or vice versa.. hey! it’s a clone, how could I determine?)..

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At current rates (assuming that I’ve done the math correctly) the rabbit poo ought to come to about $425,500, for some 7.8kg of gold. Sock it away and move on.

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Oooo…...I think the greed will start to settle in now… :-P

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I would complain to the reality police. Something has obviously gone wrong.

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Kidnap the little old lady and force her to take a dump. (you never know)

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I’m just babysitting the wabbit.It’s not my cwap.
That lady can have her crap and keep it too.;)

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I’d keep the gold and give the rabbit back.

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Give it back, all that glitters is not gold. Maybe it just dumped a fake nugget, like a cat’s eye.

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@QueenOfNowhere @trailsillustrated What excuse would you tell the old lady about why you can’t return her rabbit?

@Nullo Give the rabbit back, and ask why the rabbit pooped gold. Would that really matter knowing why?

@ucme Give it back, all that glitters is not gold. The nuggets are solid 24k gold, the foundry told you that. Remember?

@ragingloli So even if the gold shitting trait is recessive, I should get a few working specimen out of it. What if the best you could get from 30% of the offspring was copper nugget crapping bunnies? Would that be satisfactory? With a dozen copper crapping bunnies you might even come out ahead over one gold crapping bunny.

@poisonedantidote LMAO LMAO! What if she did? She get locked away forever in a dungeon? :-P

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I’d return the bunny, but I’d keep all the crap it made while I was babysitting it. MY rabbit poop!

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I would keep the nuggets, of course, she said I would benefit from the babysitting the rabbit and I did. If each 24c gold rabbit turd is 70g that would be a pretty nice haul. No need to get greedy. She did me a favor and I’m not going to steal from her if only because the guilt I would feel from the theft and the lie would be too much of a burden on my mind.

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Who paid for the food?

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More to the point why are you feeding the rabbit gold nuggets?

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I wouldn’t babysit it for more then 14 days.

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Why 14 days? Also, since some people want to give back the golden rabbit shit, does this mean if they look after someone’s dog, they mound up all the dog crap to give back to the owner when they return? I’m keeping the golden rabbit shit!

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Replace it with a different rabbit and split town hoping you aren’t cursed now. Then turn into a strange looking woman living in pain who has to get rid of that goddamn rabbit.

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@Hypocrisy_Central If I can figure out why, I would have at the very least satisfied my curiosity. There is also a decent chance that I could then work out how to apply it to horses, making individual horse ownership profitable for the first time in decades. And hey, it might work out that I don’t want anything to do with that gold, as someone else posted.

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@Nullo Touché my good man, touché. :-)

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A rabbit that craps gold nuggets? I think I’d be curious as to what it’s farts would smell like.

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@chewhorse What if it smelled like money, green backs, moolah, snaps, ends, fetta, chedder, banana, or dough?

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