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What pet did you dream of owning when you were growing up ?

Asked by Hibernate (9058points) June 19th, 2011

Some had pets when they were kids.
Though not all had what they wanted.
Did you dream of having a pet ?
Or you had a pet and you adjusted to it , then you started liking it and in the end you loved it just as much as your desired pet ?

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dogs… I had a dog for 11 years. He is dead now.. I cry occasionally. the unconditional love they have is something very special

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I remember wanting a chimpanzee. I also wanted a Galapagos tortoise.

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A little monkey

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I wanted a macaw.. Wanted to teach him slang to answer the door (squawk ‘hello’) and be just as obnoxious as a macaw can get but alas I ended up with a dog.. (best pal I ever had).

Bellatrix's avatar

I had a budgie. I wanted a dog or/and a cat. My parents got a dog just as I moved out…perhaps there is a message there :-(

I wanted turtles too but someone told me they could grow really big, so I didn’t get any.

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Dinosaur. Followed closely by monkeys (various species, invariably the small, wiry sort), then turtles, and a cat.
Actual pets included a cat (a crotchety old man of a cat, had been hit by a car and shot by the neighbors’ pellet gun twice, and did not appreciate being petted), a borrowed dog (from my grandfather), two borrowed cats (from the neighbors), a borrowed leopard gecko (4th grade class pet) any number of goldfish, silkworms (though they were technically a science experiment), a hamster (then an additional 14 hamsters), and most recently, another dog.

AshLeigh's avatar

I have wanted a Ferret since I saw Along Came Polly, when I was like ten. O.o

Faidle's avatar

I always said my brother was my favorite animal… I didn’t need a pet. ;)

ucme's avatar

An otter, I love those cute little buggers.

Bellatrix's avatar

@ucme They bite like all hell though. Otters are vicious. I agree they are exceptionally cute though and beautiful. I watched Ring of Bright Water… and I am still traumatised.

JilltheTooth's avatar

I wanted a dragon. I had dreams of power.

stardust's avatar

A horse. I’m still dreaming

Cruiser's avatar

Birds….have had them most of my life. They are so much fun!

shego's avatar

When I learned what a kiwi bird was when I was younger, I wanted one because they can’t fly. But I also wanted/still want a hedgehog. But that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

lucillelucillelucille's avatar

A horse and a German Shepherd Dog.
I have the dog so far.:)

tedibear's avatar

I wanted an imaginary pony, but my mom wouldn’t let me have one.

ucme's avatar

@Bellatrix Oh absolutely they’d gnaw my hand off at the elbow probably….cute but lethal, bit like the wife really ;¬}

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A horse and a dog.

We always had a cat, and finally, got a small mix dog when I was 11. I had it all figured out how to turn my backyard into a horse corral, but, my parents didn’t go for it. haha

I did go on to have a horse and many other pets. I wanted to be the mom that said ” Sure, we can keep ‘it’!” and, I was!

When I was raising my daughter we had cats, dogs, rabbits, chickens, a donkey, a parrot and a cockatiel and, of course, GEESE!
Marwyn turns 13 in July! :-)

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A horse, chicken, sheep, hedgehog, and a giant tortoise.

gailcalled's avatar

Milo here; Gail, and lo and behold.

OpryLeigh's avatar

I always dreamt of owning a German Shepherd. They were my favourite breed growing up (I still love them but they have been knocked of the top spot by the Skye Terrier).

Assassin_15's avatar

I always wished for some breed of dog to call my own and raise it the way I saw fit. I still do. My mom and I rescued a pitbull a few years ago and I want to adopt ASAP. Pitbulls rule! =)

ratboy's avatar

I dreamed of owning a rabbit that craps gold nuggets.

athenasgriffin's avatar

An Ostrich.

I still don’t know why.

peridot's avatar

A horse, which didn’t even enter my city-born brain until we moved to the country when I was 10. At 12, my wish came (half-)true—I got a Shetland-Welsh cross pony. :D

That was one of many sharp learning curves about what one dreams about vs. the reality. She was very pretty… and ornery as hell. And—she POOPED! Who knew ponies POOPED! (Like I said, city girl.)

I flatter myself that my dreams have a more reality-based flavor these days. :)

JilltheTooth's avatar

Dragons don’t poop. Just sayin’.

peridot's avatar

@JilltheTooth LOL However, unlike dragons, you can meddle in the affairs of ponies. For they do not regard you as crunchy and good with ketchup. ;)

JilltheTooth's avatar

My dragon would only eat the mean people.

YARNLADY's avatar

@JilltheTooth Yes they do, only it is self-destructing so you never see it

JilltheTooth's avatar

@YARNLADY : Well, that’s the very best kind of poop ever! I wish Zuppy pooped like that.

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Where I lived then every other family had ponies and/horses so I wanted one of my own soooo badly, for years. I still think the smell of sweaty horse is wonderful, even their poops don’t smell yucky to me.

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@Neizvestnaya Agreed! Horse-scent is great. I don’t even mind the aroma of horse dook. Now cow poo… that’s another story.

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Oh! Marahootay, or however you spell it, from The Rescuers Down Under!

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Like most young girls, I dreamt of having a horse…

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I wanted a falabella miniature horse and a chimp and a raccoon and a luck dragon (from neverending story)

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Definitely horses – I was always crazy about horses!

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My cousin, @AshLeigh is my DREAM pet! :D:D:D

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Thanks for replies ^^

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I was completely horse-obsessed as a child. Secretly, I still absolutely adore them. I would check out all the horse books from the library and read them through cover-to-cover. All my friends took riding lessons and did competitions and everything. That was pretty much my one childhood dream. It never happened.

Instead, my parents gave my sister an untrained parakeet which pooped all over my room because we couldn’t have normal pets like dogs, cats, hamsters, etc. My mother is crazy allergic to fur.

Thanks for listening to my rant.

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Llamas. Alpacas would be just fine too, or guanacos or vicunas…. your basic smaller cameloids.

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@JessK…did you read all of the Black Stallion books? I loved those! (I think I still have the complete set packed away somewhere…

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I wanted a dog and a unicorn.
But I only had two bunnies and many goldfish. Now that all of them are dead, I want a puppy or a kitten.

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A horse, a horse, of course of course.

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