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How much does your pet eat / drink ?

Asked by Hibernate (9058points) June 19th, 2011

I know this depends mostly on the size of the pet but still people sometimes overfeed pets.
Do you let them eat according to how much they can eat or you feed them according to what you think it’s right ?
The same for drinking ^^

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every morning and every night. he used to eat one big bowl of dog food. It said on a book that this is the normal way..
drinks a lot!

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Our cat only eats dry food and only when he wants it so we keep the trough filled and it goes down normally (never in one session). I don’t know, I think the ‘lil dud fancies himself human with a boss fur coat and no thumbs to interfere with his daily chores..

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They have a bowl of water available at all times.

They get fed morning and night. Usually dry food in the morning and wet food and dry in the evening. (The dogs get little bits of toast and the like throughout the day if we are home too).

The cat gets dry food and some kangaroo mince in the morning. It has to be served in the right order. Dry on the bottom, roo on the top or he won’t eat it!. He gets the same in the evening. (If we give the dogs toast and he is there, he expects toast too)

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My cat only will eat dry food, he decided he was above wet food when he was able to eat dry and refuses to eat any wet food. He won’t even eat tuna fish if offered to him, he is a very picky eater. He has trained my other cat to be the same since she came 2 yrs after him as a kitten. They are fed by auto feeder and can access food at will, they maintain a good body weight that way by never having been restricted from food they don’t have that need to eat everything they are given in one serving and won’t over eat. They eat when hungry which is usually during the night and watch out if the automatic feeder runs out in the middle of the night they will tag team you until you get up and re-fill it.

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My pet parrot eats quite a lot. Seed, bits of meat, and it likes to try whatever I am eating, even curry. However, in 7 years I have never seen my parrot drink. In fact, I have not given my parrot any water for about 3 years now.

If I give my parrot a bowl of water, all he will do is tip it over slowly so he can watch the water pour while he says “ohhhhhhhh”.

I think he must get all his moisture from fruit and vegetables, cause I swear he wont drink.

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22 lb puppy gets 2 cups of kibble a day and her water bowl is always filled so not sure how much she drinks….2 cups?

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Kibble and fresh water is always available.

The cat enjoys wet food but never finishes off a full can, so I feed her that maybe once or twice a week.

I’ve observed that cats only eat as much as they need. If they’re overfed, it’s probably because they’re not getting enough nutrition from the food being offered.

Low quality (store brand) food is mostly filler. A cat may feed continuously because it’s not getting the nutrition it should. It becomes overfed, yet undernourished.

You spend a bit extra for premium cat food because it has little (if any) filler. This results in the cat not needing to eat as much and you eliminate overfeeding.

One other thing…water is a necessity for cats. They develop kidney problems if not provided sufficient water. I’ve never heard of giving a cat too much water.

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Their water bowl is always available to our cats. I rinse it every other day, and generally have to add some to it every other day. They have dry food available to them all the time. When the bowls get low, I add ⅓ of a cup of food to each bowl. That’s typically once a day. They get a small can of wet food, shared between them so half a can each, on holidays and important days in our lives. (Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)

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Our dogs are fed according the their weight (and the food requirements therefor). They always have water available.

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I free feed my dog and two cats.They always have dry food out with water.They are in great condition.:)

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My girl kitty ( I just lost my boy ) gets a can of fancy feast every morning and has unlimited dry food and water in a pet bowl rack in the corner of my kitchen by her cat door out to the garage. I keep about a cup in the bowl at all times, plenty for about 2 days, but now that I am down to one cat, not enough to go stale over a longer period of time.

My geese, well, they have a big pan of cracked corn and commercial poultry feed available at all times, 2 swimming pools and a giant 20 gallon tub of water by their feeding station.

They also get several slices of multi-grain bread as a daily treat, and I buy tons of romaine lettuce and other greens for them, as well as their grazing time on the lawn.

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She lets us know when she’s hungry, which is most of the time. She’s not quite 2yrs old yet & she’s as fit & active as superman on steroids.

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MIlo here: I have grazing privileges since I am a cat of perfect moderation. Since Gail knows how annoyed I get when I see the bottom of the food dish, she leaves a nice little fresh mound there at all times.

Occasionally she’ give me a cat treat or several teeny crumbs of organic cheddar cheese.

Water bowls and containers all over always. A special treat is to lap fresh water each morning and at bedtime from the bottom of the tub. I meow in an annoying manner until Gail stops brushing her teeth and throws several glasses of cold water onto the tub floor.

There is also a little running stream in the woods and three toilets.

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She eats like a bird. Oh! She is a bird.

She has three kinds of food available at all times and fortunately she has a good appetite for variety, or we’d have to control what’s available a lot more.

She has colorful nuggets that are supposed to be complete nutrition if that were all she eats.
There is a nice bowl of seeds mix – she gets very defensive/possessive when we take the bowl out to refill it, your head or arms could get bit if you don’t distract her with something else.
We cut up fresh fruit twice a day, her favorites are banana and pomegranate and tangerine and kiwi.

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Our dog seems to maintain his weight regardless of how he is fed. He only eats when he’s hungry and will not eat anything other than his dog food unless it is an occasional piece of beef bologna. It seems that he cannot tolerate pork or eggs. He seems to be a little skinny but no effort from my wife seems to fatten him up a little. The vet says he’s in excellent shape despite the dog’s 11 year age. Most people mistake him for a puppy. He chews a lot of raw hide and “rope bones” so his teeth are also very white and clean.

I guess it is just a matter of good genes.

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Fresh water is always available (inside and out) but we go through about a gallon a day at home when we are not working. When working it can easily double or triple (each dog drinking about a gallon and me another gallon). The boys each get two cups of food in the morning and two cups at night. I don’t free feed so that they stay on a feeding schedule and I know when they need to go outside.

I guess I should add that they are both neutered male adult dogs who each weigh about 80 pounds. And if we have really worked a long day and they have burned some serious calories, they might get a chicken breast.

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My dog is 10yrs old.
He weighs about 17lbs.
He should weigh about 15lbs, maximum.
He eats twice a day, ¼ cup of dry Canidae Blue Sky kibble.
He drinks gobs and gobs of water though, all day long and all night long.

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All of our pets are trained to self-regulate as they would in nature—or rather, we have not trained them in such a way that they have lost those instincts. If we put three days worth of food in front of them, it won’t be gone for three days. Same with water. As such, we just refill their bowls and water bottles when we notice they are running low.

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My dog is about 60lb and 11 years old. She gets a can of dog food each evening and kibble available all the time, but she doesn’t over-eat it and her weight is steady. She’s still fit for her age. She drinks about 1–2 litres of water a day, depending on the weather.

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Thanks for replies.

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I have always free fed my dogs and cats, and have never had an overweight pet.

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