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What happened to the family composition stick figures on Facebook?

Asked by jca (36002points) June 19th, 2011

I used to have stick figures of my family composition on Facebook. Other friends had them, too. You picked stick figures to represent all the people and pets in your family, and you could write in their names. These have disappeared from my profile, and my friends that had it also no longer have it. What happened to them? Can we still access them?

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Sometimes FB applications get this message:

This group is scheduled to be archived

Over the next few months, Facebook will be archiving all groups created using the old groups format. When this group is archived, its wall posts, photos and discussion threads will move to the new groups format, but group members will need to be re-added.

The Disney Stick Figure Family app is still available on FB. You can also go here and create a new one and add it as a profile pic.

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No, I’m sorry. There’s no way.

The stick figure family thing was part of a profile application on Facebook. FB did away with profile apps a while ago because they felt that it wasn’t a help in making the site more “streamline” and easy to use.

You aren’t going to be able to get them back on your FB profile because of this change.

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