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On Facebook, if I were to delete my profile would a notice go out on my boyfriends wall that his relationship status had changed?

Asked by MoaningMyrtle (115points) June 19th, 2011 from iPhone

Can deletion of a FB profile cause an announcement on the feed of another that they changed their relationship status or does the relationship link just go inactive?

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No. He has to change his relationship status himself!

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Nope, you can’t break up with him that way.

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Funny! I am not dumping him. I am taking a break from social networking and don’t want our friends to think we are in a fight. If it posted on his feed automatically that his relationship status had changed it would look like there was trouble in paradise. :)

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I think your profile just goes away, without any type of notice anywhere.

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His relationship status will go from ” in a relationship with @MoaningMyrtle” to ” in a relationship.”

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You can take a break from social networking by turning off all your update notifications to your mailbox, and then just not logging on. I did that for ten days last month.

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@Vortico- does it post that his relationship status has changed in his feed?

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What they said… You just don’t show up in any search query, so you’ll become invisible.

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@MoaningMyrtle: As far as I know, no. It should just quietly change the text on his profile.

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