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Will you try any pill?

Asked by JLeslie (60476points) June 19th, 2011

If a doctor says, “here take this,” writes you out a perscription for whatever, will you try it without questioning it?

Or, do you many times not take what is prescribed, or maybe wait to take it? Fear taking medications in general? Get upset when you find out you might have to take a new medication for the rest of your life?

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MY doctor never prescribes any meds without a discussion. That means we each get equal time in the conversation.

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I question my doctor about the medicine, what it is supposed to do, the possible side affects and read about it on line, usually WEBMD, and read other peoples comments about the medicine. Then I decide if it’s worth the risks or if it will be of a huge benefit to me.

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Hell no. I don’t like medication and prefer to live as naturally as possible.

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I won’t take it without asking about it. He wanted me on a cholesterol pill, but I was leery. I took if for a couple weeks but had muscle pains in my calves, so I stopped.

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No way. There have been countless times that I’ve called my doctor’s office or the pharmacy back to say that there is no way I will take the medication I’ve been prescribed after reading the potential side effects.

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Not at all.I look into everything a doc tries to inflict on me.
I did take a drug called Copaxone for MS and it was very unpleasant.I ended up on the floor,gasping for air,unable to move due to a reaction, more than a few times,because of this FDA approved medicine.I had been looking into it for the time I was taking it.I finally said f-it.
I can kill myself much quicker just by my driving habits alone.;)

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I tend not to take medication if I can help it and I wouldn’t take anything without checking out the side effects and weighing up the pros and cons. I can’t imagine a doctor here in the UK writing out a prescription without discussing things with the patient first.

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@lucillelucillelucille Funny! I can relate to the driving habits myself.

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Definitely not, if he explains to me why he thinks it’s a good idea for me and I agree with him, especially after doing my own research, then sure.

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Not at all. I question the doctor often.

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Absolutely not. I tend to be one of those people who’s a little paranoid about our “overmedicated” society, so taking pills without question would be the last thing I’d do…

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I have refused medication because of doctors doing exactly that.
If it’s not ibuprofen [anti-inflamatory] or claritin [anti-histamine], that’s to help with I’m pain I can’t handle on my own, allergies I can’t handle on my own, chances are I won’t take it. And I do have a high tolerance for discomfort.
If I need, need, to take something, like many above, I have to research everything. Everything. Side effects for sure, but also exactly what the pill will be doing in my body, when and how. What it’s supposed to be fixing, and why that thing’s broken—what can I just change in my daily habits. Medicine ingested goes everywhere, and does whatever it does to everything in my body, so there had better damn well be a good reason I need to take it. But then, I’m paranoid about everything that goes into my body, research everything that goes into my body. Rightly so.
Plus, if they refuse to answer or don’t know the answer, just think it’s maybe what I should probably take, time to find a new doctor.

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I pretty much don’t take anything except antibiotics, since they seem pretty much necessary.

I don’t want to get immune to anything now, so when I’m old and in pain, everything works full force!

And I’ve gotten along well so far. In fact, I’m not so sure how much I believe in the pharmacy industry.

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I usually enjoy swallowing things, but I’m pretty iffy about pills. :/ I’ve once been subscribed pills for something, and when I was reading the ’‘instructions’’ that came with them, it was basically saying that these pills are essentially still in their developmental state, and that it might not even do what it’s supposed to. Nobody told that to me when they were prescribed…pretty stupid on my part, to not inquire any further, and I ended up not taking them. I took one lol, but after reading the paper, I was like, meh.

Simple stuff, like for pain or whatever I’ll go ahead with, but for more serious things, I get scared by side effects, and if it’s pills for psychological issues, that’s even more freaky. I don’t really like the idea of what I’ve known of my mental state to be altered.

I don’t really question it because I dismiss it so fast, although I probably should get myself more informed on medication, instead of acting like I usually do in regards to it. I haven’t ever really needed much serious medication though, I suppose if I ever do, I’ll smarten up and really look into what’s being prescribed. I hope…lol.

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I don’t take anything without understanding why I’m being prescribed the medication, the interactions, if there is a generic alternative, and the cost of the prescription as covered by my medical insurance. I also ask about the consequences of not taking the medication.

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I don’t go to doctors who don’t discuss with me first what I’m taking and why. I’m big on patient-centered models, and loathe patriarchal models.

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I move heaven & earth to resist the need to take any medication of any kind.
That’s because I think i’m inde-bloody-structible though.

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Unless it’s a pain pill, or medicine for something extremely serious, I don’t even take it. There are so many new pills out there and I am not even sure how safe they are.

I just go to the doctor to get excuse notes for work, most of the time.

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I only take what is absolutely necessary. I have a ½ a dozen jars of unfinished Codeine pills from my bouts with back issues. I hate them things with a passion I also hate excruciating pain too!! XO

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I will take no pills. The only prescription I ever got, oxycodone, to kill the pain in my foot after I got a plate and screws put into it, made me severely nauseous, puking everywhere, no appetite, I felt awful….........I seriously enjoyed the pain more than the painkillers. I hate pills.

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Speaking as a sometime enthusiastic recreational drug user, who has popped all manner of dubious chemicals into his body over the years (nearly all to amazing effect), it would be ridiculous for me to start to quibble when an expert recommends that I take a highly tested and efficacious drug of guaranteed purity in order to treat a problem I have presented them with, especially under the NHS when I know that my doctor can’t just prescribe any old experimental treatment he or his drug rep feels like.

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Having only been prescribed medication five times in the past 30 years, the questions asked were limited to what other options were available and if the medication could be a generic brand. If I were told that I needed to start taking a long-term medication, then yes, I’d do the research. It would include calling upon a niece and her SO for their opinions, who are both medical doctors and proponents of holistic medicine.

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I don’t even like taking aspirin or Tylenol unless I absolutely need them.

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if im a drugee i will but from the fact that i have a chihuahua as my picture that makes me look sweet.. well kinda creepy..but..uhh. chihuahuas take drugggggggs lol

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No. I’m one of those people who will get on the computer and research the hell out of prescriptions, read reviews and chat with users before going through with trying it myself or encouraging a loved one to take it.

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No. I don’t have occasion to take many pills anyway. But if I do I always look it up in the PDR.

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Oooh, I hate pills. I try not to take them if I don’t have to. I ask what it’s for, definitely, and then I ask the pharmacist about the drug.

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Do you all ever leave the docs office giving the impression you are going to fill the script, and maybe at the time you think you might, but then in the end you don’t. Or, if you take a few pills and then decide to stop. What I am curious about is, do you call the doctor and let him know?

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If I feel the pill isn’t doing what it ought, or it’s bringing on side effects, I definitely call the doctor.

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I just stop or wean myself off of the medication.

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I mostly don’t want to take anything but the tried and true. I’ve been given Aclasta (Reclast) for osteopenia and now the side effects that are showing up are pretty serious. I’ve kind of made a pact with myself to wait and if the med is not recalled or the pharma not sued then I’ll try. I do look up every one.

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@JLeslie: I have left my doctor’s office with script in hand several times and then not filled it at all but I’ve never called the doctor to tell them, mostly because I doubt they’d care or remember who they were talking to unless within a few hours of the visit.

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I always ask the doc what it is, how it works, etc. if it’s not obvious.

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