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How about a nude vacation spot?

Asked by edmartin101 (776points) April 27th, 2008

Has anybody been to a nude vacation resort. It seems like is taking off. Just read it in the New York times online. Just to think about it would make me uneasy, let alone doing it. I would sure get aroused when I see a gorgeous lady, Wouldn’t you?

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I went to a nude beach in Greece.

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Tell me about it. How was it?How did you feel? Was it the first time?

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Euro-semi-nude = cool. Nudist colony = oddball.

Skinny dipping with friends is more than mildly amazing, though.

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It’s not a big deal there like it is here so I was completely comfortable. Here, people would stare and I would start to feel really uncomfortable. But there, so many people were nakie (or part nakie, it wasn’t a completely nude beach) that I wasn’t even worried a tiny bit about it.
I’ve been naked in public before. I’ve participated in the naked run at UCSC for first rain and skinny dipped, but that was my first time at a nude beach.

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I used to surfing at Montara Beach near SF, which is a nude-optional beach. There were a few cool nakedies, but for the most part, they were outnumbered by the creepos. I didn’t really care when I was by myself, mainly because I was there for one purpose which was not hanging out on the beach. It did, however, totally suck to bring my girlfriend along. Clothed, laying on the beach she would get approached by naked men asking her to rub tanning oil on them. I would have to watch from the water the whole time and occasionally go in. There was one incident where I caught some naked creeper doing something behind a bush that was meant for a gym sock at home. I never brought her back again.

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Eww.. that’s repulsive. Your poor girlfriend. I bet she was happy she never had to go back.

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What really sucked is that Montara is so beautiful, more so than surrounding beaches, but yeah I was livid, probably far more than her. I reported it to a ranger, he said it’s not all that rare.

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Note: DO NOT creep.

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I’ve been up north of Los Angeles to some creepy nude places, but the ones coming up are high end, not cheap places to stay in. Check it out
Now it seems a big biz is taking off

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Actually, I’ve been to an upscale, nude hot spring for a weekend. Does that count?
It was a lot of nude hippies so I wasn’t faced with the dilemma you mention above. I could foresee there being a problem in other circumstances, though.
I guess I would try it once.

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If I remember correctly a few years back a friend invited me to go to a nude parade in Monterrey, CA. That was just to show off or as a protest that it wasn’t allowed as something natural so it was in the press, a lot of onlookers showed up. Where was this hot spring upscale gateway?

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Wilbur is the name. The people there are extremely friendly and you can rent a cabin or stay in the main building.

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It looks like a nice place to relax, but was that a special event at Wilbur?, because I just visited the site and I didn’t see any trails of nude events there. However, it looks like a nice place to hang out

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No, it is believe me. I mean, it’s optional but most are nude.

Here’s something:

Remembering when taking the waters at Wilbur Hot Springs that clothing is optional behind the screened area, guests bring a robe and slippers or shoes which are easily slipped in and out of. Towels are a must. Bring some warm clothing for winter and cool summer evenings. A flashlight is always handy. Things for fun could include: bicycles, non electric musical instruments, books and writing materials…and of couse a sense of humor.

It doubt it’s as fun as what’s in your link. A nude cruise would be something.

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if I was comfortable enough with my body I would. I always hear about these beaches around the San francisco bay area, mostly pervs bringing binoculars.

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Not to be rude or anything. I’m curious. What’s the policy of boners there?

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How people react to nudity is a matter of acclimatization. Having lived in both Denmark (a very relaxed, liberal country) and Ireland (a predominantly catholic country), I’ve seen huge differences. A good indicator is going to a local gym or public swimming pool and observe the behavior regarding changing there, do people go in to stalls to change or are there open areas for men and women to change.
Where people are used to it, they don’t see it as sexual, it’s just a way of cooling off, getting more sun or feeling relaxed. But, where people aren’t used to an asexual type of nudity, it probably is a bit freaky and people don’t know how to feel or react….

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yeah, I agree with wildflower, that’s why I mentioned that if I see a naked woman I would probably get erected, which will make me feel really uncomfortable. So I guess I would have to try to take it as something ordinary

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@edmartin101…Are you 12 years old?

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sorry..had to put that out here, from glials comment…

Anyways, I wouldn’t want to go to one unless I was in some beautiful, foreign, country.. And I wouldn’t get aroused by seeing a gorgeous lady, that’s just me.

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