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Would a wiifit bought in India work on a UK wii console?

Asked by wired (4points) April 27th, 2008 from iPhone

Live in the uk, but travel. Buying a wiifit. Going to Delhi Hong Kong, and Singapore.will wii fitboard and software work on a uk bought console

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Yes, although any writing on the product or it’s packaging, including documentation, will not be in English. However, it will work just fine.

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is it the same region? i’d think the whole asian region would get 5 and uk would get 2, so i’m not sure on that one, well, i’d trust richard on this one

ah, i stand corrected, i checked the dvd chart, not the game one, so i’m guessing it must be PAL then

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PAL/NTSC refers to the video format. This is irrelevant when looking at the actual controller, so it should work fine.

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true (although PAL, NTSC/U,NTSC/J also refers to videogame region, just pick any game and look under the logo) ,but there’s also a game included with that white board, how about that?

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