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What color highlight shoud I dye in my hair?

Asked by Tay122 (416points) June 19th, 2011

My natural curly hair is a dirty blonde with a little bit of natural carmel highlights mixed in. I want to dye one strip of my hair a color and I was thinking something like a true blue. With that color of hair, tan skin, and blue eyes what color do you think I should pick?

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Pink. Or any color that extentuates your skin tone. A dark red or maroon would be good.

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I do think blue would be really cool because it would bring out the blue in your eyes. Or pink. Just NOT green! That always looks bad in dirty blond hair! I learned the hard way! Good luck and have fun with it.

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Oh, that sounds delightful. You could change it from time to time, just for fun. I suggest a nice neon blue to start.

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I’ll go with the pink too. Blue, although it will match your eyes, seems like an odd, clashing color for your hair color. If you had black hair, then I would say blue would be great. So I’m going with fuschia pink or watermelon red.

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Wow, you guys have great advice! Thanks!

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Welcome to Fluther. You’ll always get interesting answers here.
I think the blue will be more compatible.

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It is generally recommended to transition a shade slightly lighter or darker than your natural hair color. Since your hair is dirty blonde, i recommend you either bleach it to a light shade of blonde or dye it to a darker shade like auburn.

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