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How do I get a boyfriend?

Asked by nailpolishfanatic (6607points) June 19th, 2011

Recently seeing all these people around me and on the streets and wherever I go with their ‘boos’ just makes me feel really lonely. I think its time to find my ‘boo’ I just don’t know how.

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Put ou

Wait, how old are you?

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Don’t bother focusing on it. When you hit it off with some guy it will just happen.

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Figure out what you like you to do and go places where like-minded guys might be. It’s hard to say without knowing you. If you like to bike, join a cycling team and even volunteer to organize races. You’ll have the opportunity to meet and talk to potential boyfriends. That’s just an example but you can apply it to an activity you enjoy.

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Go out. Meet people. Have fun. Look for someone who makes you feel happy when you’re with him. Then give him the signals.

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Take a craft class that’s tactile. ...decorative painting, drawing, ceramics…

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The best way, I think, is to quit trying. Live a life you enjoy and a boy – or many boys – will eventually recognize that and want you to share it with them. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a boy who also enjoys the life he’s living – not trying to ‘find’ a girlfriend – and you’ll both coincidentally want to share what you have with the other.

Just don’t “look” too hard, because you can’t find him then.

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@bob_ That’s just how you get sex, not a boyfriend.

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@WasCy Makes a good point. If you seem too desperate, you’ll never get a guy.

But on the other hand, if you’re shy, and you never try to find a guy, you’ll never find one.

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Be the type of person you would like to see in a friend, and be a friend to everyone you meet. Sooner or later, you will meet a mutually compatible person. It is a mistake to look for a boyfriend/girlfriend. Relationships develop over time. It’s not like shopping in a store.

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@YARNLADY LOL ‘hi, can I buy a relationship with your son?’ ;)

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I found my current boyfriend in being friends first. We have been friends for years (like 6 or so) prior to dating. I was not looking for a boyfriend when I met him. We were best friends for years…I dated someone else at the time and he had a girlfriend of 2 years as well. It wasn’t until years after those relationships ended (for unrelated reasons) that we actually developed feelings and decided to date. And guess what? It’s the best and happiest relationship I’ve ever been in, same for him.

I think being friends first is the BEST. You know each other on a deeper level and can truly enjoy each others’ company and just have fun.

I have had other LTRs which began only with romance because we were both looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend. What a mistake. Do not do that. It’s best to have a strong foundation of respect and friendship and common interests/beliefs, and THEN have a relationship. I think many people make this mistake, and I know I have myself. If you look, then you risk not having that strong friendship foundation (because you go right into a relationship) and you may be settling for someone who isn’t right for you.

Please learn from my mistake and don’t make the same one that I did, lol.

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Take advantage of every opportunity (plus create opportunities) to meet people. Make the odds work in your favor.

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Believe it or not 17 is not old to not have a boyfriend, take this opportunity to figure out who you are first before worring about dating. Get into college there will be plenty of dates in college that your head will spin keeping up. Just dont worry about it, it will happen in due time and when you least expect it.

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1. Find a boy
2. Get to know him a little
3. Ask him out
4. If unsuccessful, repeat

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”...your task is not to seek for Love, but merely seek and remove all the barriers within yourself which you’ve erected against it”.

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I just try to be friends, and eventually it escalates. However, certain ages and personalities don’t mix; I have the most difficult time finding girls whom I would like to seriously date.

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Read more. In libraries. Then someone will come along – someone who reads.

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If you meet a guy you like, ask him out. It’s 2011; the feminists won, and it’s perfectly fine for a girl to ask a guy on a date.

Tip: look for guys who seem like nice, genuine people and aren’t the alpha males. Often times these guys are a bit shy with women when they’re still in high school, but given the opportunity, they might surprise you with how cool they can be.

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Alpha males read, too.

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@zen But I have been in the library since 8th grade? o.O

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You must be pretty dusty and cobwebby by now. lol

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