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Raw/Vegan Foodies: What changes have you made with threats of radiation/GMOs/E. Coli in regards to your diet?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11268points) June 19th, 2011

Here in the UK a few weeks ago, we were warned not to eat certain fruits and vegetables because of E.Coli. I know that in other parts of the world people are being told not to drink milk and other items because of the radiation.

Have all these restrictions changed the way you gather food, prepare it or ingest it? What are you doing differently? What do you foresee happening in the future?

It seems that a way of life (a healthy self-determinted lifestyle) is being threatened on all levels. I have looked online at some raw food websites and didn’t find anything that addressed this particular issue and how it might affect the health food/raw food industry and/or backyard organic gardeners and food used as a healing tool for degenerative diseases.

I’d like feedback especially from those who are actively vegan/raw, etc.

Thank you.

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I am not a vegan but this same issue is one reason I have a huge garden this summer! Even organic farming labels do not guarantee chemical, bug or disease free.

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I am vegetarian.

We’ve had different scares, over the last decade, in Canada ..regarding food. The most I change is that I spend more time washing my fruits and veggies. If I am really concerned, I will buy from local markets/farms or use another veggie/fruit in the mean time. Usually, this type of thing passes. It just takes time. The industry suffers but quickly rebuilds itself. I think there are some stricter food safety guidlines in place ..but not much more than that. I’m not sure what will happen in the future. It seems that, once the scare is over, things pretty much go back to normal.

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Not doing anything differently.

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I myself, am not a vegan, I think being a vegan is silly! I just go to Trader Joe’s or the nearest healthfood store to get organic beef, fruits, and vegetables. There are vitamins that you lack without beef!

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@Mr_Grimm Many vegans probably think you’re silly for making that statement. The admiration is mutual.

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Well i’m a health freak! I make sure I know for sure our local organic farmers are getting my support. I hate processed food, and my friends mom is a studier of healthy foods. I forgot the name! =(

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@Mr_Grimm You’re misinformed.

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well, seeing how all I get is ignorence from ‘peaceful’ vegans. Im just gonna walk away and let you believe what you want to believe

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@Mr_Grimm Show me how you’ve been declared war upon.

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I cant tell if you guys are saying that im wrong or if im just being a moron.

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^^ I beg your pardon?

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@Mr_Grimm You couldn’t tell if we thought you were wrong or a moron. I gave you the answer.

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“Vegan foodies” is a misnomer.

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What’s a foodie? And in what way is ‘vegan foodie’ a misnomer?

“Vegan Foodies” are no more rare among vegans than carnivorous foodies are among carnivores. There are professional chefs and food scientists who specialize in vegan food.
Most people of either category don’t really invest that much energy in their cuisine, but some do and they are foodies as far as I’m concerned.

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