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Has your opinion of someone in your life changed radically recently?

Asked by 6rant6 (13692points) June 19th, 2011

Love to hate, hate to love, respect to loathing, unconcern to fear – has the way you view someone around you changed radically in recent times? What was the change and what caused the change of view?

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Yes, sadly.

From love to disenchantment.

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I cannot switch from love to hate over anyone. If my attitude ever took a swing from one extreme to the other it was not so much their fault than my own for forming an incorrect perception in the first place.

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Oh yeah.

I was quite shocked when someone attacked me with gratuitous criticism. I had liked the person before, but not after. The criticism made no sense to me, either.

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@wundayatta I think you are giving way more currency to that someone’s criticism of you than is ever due. Fahgetaboutit!

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@Cruiser I would have forgotten it. I had forgotten it. But they brought in the cops, and now I’m really pissed and having a hard time forgetting about it.

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@wundayatta Again…let it go. I have felt your indignation before and found no solution worth the effort. Move on and be happy!

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I hadn’t seen someone since I was a lot, lot younger than I am now and my view of them was clouded by my impressions of them from that time. I met them recently again and was surprised at how much we have in common and at how well we got on. It was a very pleasant change in perception.

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Yes. My views have changed radically about everyone I know at some point or another. Some times it changes for the better and sometimes it changes for the worst.

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