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You're craving something sweet and have no dessert nor candy in the house, what do you do?

Asked by Jude (32134points) June 19th, 2011

Do you squirt some Hersey’s chocolate syrup in your mouth? Have a spoonful of honey? A mouthful of whipped cream from a can?

Oh, and you can’t get out to the store.

I am off to search for something right now.

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I just had this conversation yesterday with someone…how odd! I do about a tsp of honey on my tongue, savor it slowly, it takes the sweet craving away. For a while anyway.

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Dried cranberries are my usual go to.

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Drink a glass of orange juice.

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Find a woman with an extra-tasty pussy and do what comes natural. Make some hot chocolate.

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All of the above @Jude followed by a long kiss to enjoy every last drop.

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I go for one of the Red Delicious apples almost always kept in the refrigerator. (Some friends call them ‘sissy apples’ because they are sweet.) A BIL goes for the chocolate chips used for baking.

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Hot chocolate in the winter.

I haven’t done it in years, but I have been known on rare occasion to take a spoon full of brown sugar. The thing is I rarely have brown sugar in the house. It is still delicious.

Sometimes I will whip up a small cake or cookies. Sugar, flour, water, eggs, Hersheys chocolate powder, I usually have the essentials for a baked good of some sort.

Sometimes a mini amount of chocolate icing, and eat 5 spoonfuls of it.

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When I’m in the car, I eat one of those ketchup packets from the fast food store. I keep a supply in my glove compartment.

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It’s going to be a small cup full of pure Canadian maple syrup. :)

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When I crave sweet then I usually suspect my body wants some real food but is thinking of the quickest energy it can get so it makes me crave sugar. The best fix so far is having some frozen pizza (or a delivery one) because it’s got sugar, salt, fat and starch.

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There used to be a Carvel near my house. That shit would come in handy now.

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I have found some old chocolate chips in the back of the fridge that had been opened who knows how long ago. I ate them.

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I’ll bake some beer bread with a little extra sugar in the recipe. It’s sweet and hearty at the same time.

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Tea with sugar.

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I make muffins. Or cookies. Or cake.

I love to bake.

I have all the things I need to do so in my house.

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A little maple syrup stirred into a glass of milk, perhaps with some vanilla extract.

It isn’t nearly as bad as a similarly jonesing friend, who tried dipping oyster crackers in molasses.

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Usually have some Nestle’s semi-sweet morsels in the baking cabinet….

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I have a real sweet tooth and I used to always make sure (like an alcoholic makes sure to have alcohol) to have something for dessert in the house, be it cake, cookies, pudding, ice cream, whatever. I am not a candy fan but that would do in a pinch. If I had to, and I did not have my child, I would take a ride for something, like ice cream, or McDonald’s Apple Pie.

If i had nothing, i would have fruit, or if there were no fruit I would have a cup of tea with sugar.

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Greek yogurt with honey, or peach flavored instant oatmeal.

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Drink chocolate milk and eat a peanut butter sandwich.

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When we’re too lazy to make an actual dessert, we toast some bread and eat it with a thin square of butter and smattering of honey. Pretty satisfying, actually. Another good one is fruit salad with cream. Fortunately, I usually have chocolate in the fridge, so…

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Gracious @YARNLADY…That is probably one of the funniest and yet most logical responses I’ve read on Fluther. Thank you for sharing your ketchup story.

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@YARNLADY @Pied_Pfeffer I’ve done that, too. Also, with a packet of sweet relish.

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Cinnamon toast with whole wheat bread.

Toast bread. Spread thinly with butter.

Sprinkle on a mixture of granulated sugar and a pinch of cinnamon.

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Old marshmallow in a cupboard? Grab it and enjoy.

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Oh wait, if we are including marshmellows and cc bits. I have a stash of snickers minis and crunch mini easter eggs.

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Honey & Almond Butter on Toasted Whole Grain Bread does it for me!

But the M & M’s and Snicker Bars are a must have!


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@chyna I lurve that answer.

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Butter and sugar sandwich . . .

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@Kayak8 In our house, we call butter and sugar mix “Mummy yummy” and serve it on strips of white bread.

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@YARNLADY Exactly! I used to sneak and make them just like that as a kid and could never figure out how my Mom knew what I had been up to (sugar on the counter may have provided a large clue) . . .

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I do the same thing as @Kayak8 and @YARNLADY (sometimes I add cinnamon).

As others stated ..a squirt, or spoonful of, honey or maple syrup as well.

Oh, sometimes I’ll make oatmeal with brown sugar too.

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@MyNewtBoobs I liked your first answer. A lot.

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My pussycat was sweet.

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Another vote for cinnamon toast.

Surely you have bread, butter, sugar and cinnamon. One of my favorite comfort foods.

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I found myself in this predicament this morning.

I was short on ingredients, didn’t want to spend much money, and I didn’t feel like going anywhere. I decided to make some delicious peanut butter cookies with very few ingredients. You have no idea how happy I was! A little bit of sugar can go a long way. :)

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When I was a teen, I had a friend who lived in a housing project and they had NO money! They didn’t have a phone, and around that time, everyone had a phone. Anyway, when I was over her house and hungry (and there was never any food in their house except when the mom got paid) I would take white bread and put sugar on it and have that. This reminds me of what @YARNLADY wrote.

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Tonight, it’s going to be Bailey’s with whipped cream. :)

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@Jude Oh dear. You’re making me hungry!

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Oder out from a take out place like Papa Gino’s or something that carries brownies and cookies.

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@JLeslie In the winter, I usually go for Hot chocolate too. Sometimes I add marshmallows and sometimes cream de mint liquor. Other times I will look for chocolate chips white or semi sweet @chyna and @gailcalled cinnamon and sugar on toast. A favorite of mine.

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I stir up some rice, egg and fruit for pudding.

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Suck on a spoonful of brown sugar.

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Make some frosting with powder sugar-butter and a little milk.
Eat it out of the bowl.

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Oh! That sounds good @MooCows! Or…add some creme cheese and vanilla too.

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