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What is the best way to download episodes of TV shows for free?

Asked by shrubbery (10251points) April 27th, 2008

I’d like to download episodes of my favourite TV shows but not have to pay, I know you can do it but I’m wondering what’s the best/easiest/quickest way?

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The best way to download TV episodes, or really anything for that matter, for free, is by downloading torrents. You will need two things:

1) Software to manage the download


2) Websites to find the downloads

To accomplish #1: Download software called uTorrent or Azureus. There are a few out there, but they are basically all the same. uTorrent is VERY popular:

To accomplish #2: Search the internet for torrent websites. Here is a list of a few:

You can even type in a google search. For example, you could type in, “Lost season 1, episode 3 + torrent” and you will get results for several. Many of them even work together.

Just remember that this is illegal and many people get caught, but not those who only download a few.

Once you have found the website for the torrent you want, click the “download now” button and choose the uTorrent program to open the file. Then, watch as it downloads….!


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and we all know this is illegal, my advice, just buy&download, for example off of iTunes

sure someone will come and say “uploading is illegal, downloading isn’t”, please don’t bother, i’ve heard ‘em all, and we all know it is illegal

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You can often watch shows for free on a ‘catch up’ style service. For example, BBC iPlayer (, or 4OD ( These services are only available for the UK at the moment.

You can also buy many television shows on the iTunes Store or similar services, like Hulu (, and Viacom and other providers are also making certain shows available for free, like South Park ( Unfortunately both of these are only available in the US right now.

Availability of on-demand services in other countries are very limited and in a state of relative infancy, so keep an eye on media outlets for news and information regarding future releases and plans. Things will eventually free up and become more widely available.

There are many illegal options for downloading shows for free such as torrents, but in line with the Fluther Guidelines ( we can’t really tell you how to use them here.

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Im pretty sure that the major American broadcasting companies (abc,cbs,nbc) will let you watch the most recent episodes of their shows on theirs website. You can’t download them, but at least you can catch up on what you missed.

thecoot's avatar has an IPTV software solution that is worth checking into/

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thanks guys, i’ll have a browse on itunes and stuff to see what’s for free at the moment. I did download joost but apparently their search thingy isn’t working at the moment.

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Daethian's avatar is free and legal

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JonnyCeltics's avatar is a decent site as well….they let you watch 73 minutes of programming, and then you must wait an hour to rewatch. Hulu is sweet, too, but has commercials, whereas “freeeps” doesn’t.

malevolentbutticklish's avatar DO NOT let anyone tell you it is illegal. Some people in the USA like to pretend that the entire world is subject to USA copyright law but they are wrong. You are only subject to your own country’s laws.

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@malevolentbutticklish And international copyright treaties.

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@richardhenry: First an individual must be tried and found guilty under those treaties. A dirty secrete is that many untested laws are untested because they would not hold up under closer scrutiny. They are in fact invalid! Consider all the fair use that copyright holders love to incorrectly call illegal. Notice how often they call it illegal but how rarely they challenge it in court.

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@ashjoe: is HORRIBLE compared to sources such as Even many free sites have trusted individuals who verify content and such verified content is marked. I have never received a virus in this fashion. Lots of pay sites have adware and sell your information. I would trust being an anonymous user on long before trusting with my personal information.

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