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Who knows the streets of NYC well?

Asked by Mr_Saturn512 (558points) June 19th, 2011

This is a tad bit of a long story, so bear with me.

I’m going to write a story in the future, and a scene involves these kids breaking into the Metropolitan Museum of Art to get this artifact.
After the break in and steal the artifact, they get on this chase through NYC back to NJ, where they live. However, I specifically want them to go through underneath the George Washington Bridge. I drove through there accidentally coming home from a party, and I realized, “Holy crap, the traffic here is so bad, but the scenery here is great for a car chase!” The convoluted underpasses are awesome for the scene I have in mind.
I’ve been meaning to make the locales as realistic as possible, so I want to know a crazy route for my characters to take that would somehow lead them from the MET across the George Washington Bridge and into NJ again.

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Keep in mind that in New York City, all driving is prohibited for drivers under 18 years of age.

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nobody knows better than bing or google maps.. you even get a cliche high-speed chase through a public park! word.

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Are they on foot or by car? On foot they can run across the park to the west side, hop on the A subway train uptown to Washington Heights or Fort Tryon Park. If they had a car stashed there they could make their escape across the GW.

You could have the cops barely miss getting them before they get to the subway, and then be waiting at different subway stops for them to come up.

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Well. . I should mention something important.

This is a fantasy story. So they’re obviously going to break the law and there’s some magic involved in the chase scene. The police won’t just be involved but also fantasy creatures/people. So I’m not worried about making the chase itself realistic. I just want the routes and places to be realistic.

Yes, it’s by car. But I wanted to know specific ways of the MET to the GW. I know I could have used mapquest or whatever, but I specifically want a local’s viewpoint on it. I want to know other routes the characters COULD have taken back to NJ but maybe they missed an exit or something that would lead them to the GW instead. . .etc, etc. Something like that. I know it’s complicated but I won’t be writing this for a while anyway.

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You could get to the East Side Highway a little easier. It’s closer. It’s a little more tightly packed than the West Side Highway. Getting up to the GW from the ESH is more of a straight shot than the WSH.

To get to the WSH, you’d have to go through the park, which could be fun, especially if you want them to drive over strawberry fields or something. Then you could go by The Dakota, and have John Lennon’s ghost either join the chase or the getaway.

The WSH is easier to drive, in my opinion, even in rush hour. But to get up to the lower level is tricky and involves going up in a spiral and some very weird merges, so that’s the way I’d go, if I were having a chase scene. Of course, traffic would have to come to a complete halt while they are in the middle of the bridge (as it often does), and they they could abandon the car and end up lost in Fort Lee. Not that they would know they were in Ft Lee, because Ft Lee doesn’t actually exist. But that’s perfect for a fantasy story.

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Ha, ha! Even New Yorkers don’t know the city that well. You always have to take so many detours because of traffic that you get turned around and lost most of the time. Those are the ones that drive. The majority walk and take the metro.
You’ll have better chance with a foot chase. LOL

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