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Are Apple's delivery estimates usually accurate?

Asked by Paul (2717points) June 20th, 2011

I ordered a new Macbook Pro 13” on Wednesday 15th with an upgraded hardrive, it’s my first Mac and the original estimate (when I placed the order) was the 24th of June but I have since had an email informing me that it has been dipatched and the email, that arrived yesterday, then hinted at the 23rd. I then went into the track my shipment option and the current estimate is the 22nd. Do you think it will arrive this Wednesday (the 22nd) as I am excited to try and play around with my new Mac?
P.S the carrier is UPS if that makes a difference.

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Yes, from my experiences it will arrive on the 22nd. I order a ton of crap from Apple. My Apple TV showed up in 2 days.

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Yes, their estimates are usually very accurate (we order dozens of shipments from them every year.)

Have fun!

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UPS estimates are very accurate. CONN GRATS ON THE NEW LAPTOP.

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@crisw Thanks I will
@Tropical_Willie But when I go to UPS to track it it tells me my package is “WORLD AID”, I didn’t know Apple were that environmentally friendly, also thankyou I saved up all my pennies, I hope it was worth it, and I overuse commas an awful lot.

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@FPSMadPaul :: Are you in the UK? If so your UPS might be different than ours.

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@johnpowell I am yes and am none too skilled on logistics :P hope they’re still as good as the above comments state though would hate to have to wait longer :/

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@FPSMadPaul :: The good news is that it is Monday. So you shouldn’t have to wait while it sits at a depot over the weekend. I will bet you fish and chips that you get it before Friday.

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Bringing my Englishness into now @johnpowell, you racist! :L

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Yes. I’ve had good luck. Enjoy it! I love my MacBook Pro and all my other gadgets.

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Are new Apple buyers a little giddy and excited to run their fingers on their Macs? YES!
Twice we’ve bought laptops from them and each time the opening of the box was just suuu-weeeeeeeeeet!!!!!! : )

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In case anyone cares it came a day late (Thursday) thanks to a hold up in Germany, but it’s here now (I’m typing this on it) and it is amazing and I now owe @johnpowell fish and chips :D

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