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Is it harmful to put dyes in your pool to make the color different?

Asked by pcmonkey (427points) June 20th, 2011

You know those pools that are so clear? Well I don’t like them. So I wanted to know if it would be harmful to put some kind of pool dye into the water to make it look like this for example:

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I think it depends on what kind of dye you use. Keep in mind that whatever you dye the water with will probably dye you/your swimwear.

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I think it is much easier (and less expensive) to change the appearance of the color of the water by panting/coloring the plaster rather than the water itself. When I had my pool remodeled the pool guy suggested making the plaster grey because it would make the water look brilliant blue. I took his advice and was not disappointed.

Here is a video of the pool remodel process if you are interested.

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Think you find that the color you like in the photo is DEEP BLUE TILES in the pool.

Adding anything to the water for color would be counter to lowering bacteria and mold.

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Look at the water in the fountain. It is clear white, not blue.

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I made the horrible mistake of coloring (punky colors) my hair midnight blue in high school. It was bad. My sister suggested a swim in the pool to take the pain away. The chlorine got my hair back to normal pretty fast.

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It would depend on the dye. The picture you gave doesn´t look like it is dyed water. If I were to consider a colour change in my pool, I would first have to identify what the colour of it currently is naturally. This is a reflection of colours surrounding the water and what colour the pool is painted. Most are painted a light aqua colour, so you won´t get a pink colour or anything that is absent of that colour wavelength. You could go with a darker green-blue (but that would look gross) or you could go a darker blue.

If the pool surround is white and painted white, you´d be able to play with more colour choices.

You could use colours that are skin safe, like those used to colour cosmetics. DON´T confuse edible colours with skin safe colours as they are not the same. Also, you don´t want to turn your bathers skin funny colours, so you need to use only a very limited concentration. and lastly, you have to consider the pH of the environment you are putting the colour into and if the colours you are using are pH sensitive.

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The water in your picture has not been dyed. If it were, the water shooting out of the fountain would also be the same dark shade of blue. I’m assuming the walls of that pool are painted to give the water that appearance.

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Remember back when dyed toilet paper was the rage? After several cases of infection, the FDA decided to take the dyed toilet paper off the shelves.

Keep this in mind, if you must color your swimming pool water.

I would rather change the color of the swimming pool tile. It would be much safer.

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To get a certain color water you change the color of the tiles inside the pool, not the actual water. It gives the illusion of colored water, like your picture.

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