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Do you ever think your answer is not taken as seriously because someone with higher lurve than you also answered?

Asked by Paul (2714points) June 20th, 2011

I have relatively low lurve and sometimes infer this is happening but thanks to the (mostly great) Fluther community this doesn’t happen as often as some other “experience” based forums.

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Nope, I don’t feel like that at all.

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Nope. I have mad lurve and everyone here knows I’m full of shit.

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Uh, no.

But then I wasn’t taken seriously when I had high lurve.

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Higher lurve simply means someone has been here longer or is more active. I’ve seen some with high scores who are idiots and some with relatively low scores who astonish me with insight. In other words, nope.

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I wrote a little GM script that hides them.

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I think it’s human nature to take someone you know more seriously than someone you don’t know. If you’ve got a lot of lurve, it means you’ve been around a while, and people know you.

However, it is pretty easy to build yourself your own reputation. I’ve seen people become stars by the time they get to 1000 lurve, or even earlier. Work hard. Answer a few questions, and see how people like them. I think it is a mistake to think that if you answer a dozen questions, everyone will suddenly see your utter brilliance and bow down before you.

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No, I don’t care what someone’s “lurve” score is. If I want to answer a question and have an answer, I answer the question.
@johnpowell I gave you 5K lurve for that answer ;)

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir How informative there Simone :P

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@FPSMadPaul That’s the answer. No need to elaborate.

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@FPSMadPaul How could @Simone_De_Beauvoir know? None of us can be the minds of the people giving out the lurve. Why do people give lurve to others? Is it your assumption that some people’s answers are overlooked when a person with higher lurve answered?

Do I think someone took my answer less seriously because someone with higher lurve answered? Possibly.

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Nah, I just assume that my answers aren’t as good as the others who receive Lurve. And after reading the responses, I am pretty sure that my assumption is right. But not always. :)

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No, I’m not good with numbers or math, but I am good with language and words, so I don’t even notice the lurve scores (they just look like license plate numbers to me, with no inherent meaning) so I read what people are saying and give a GA when I think it’s deserved.

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Nah, the numbers mean next to nowt. How the fuck I reached this many is testament to that ;¬}

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No we’re all capable of writing total crap.

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Your question made me giggle—I’m still a relative noob—maybe not in the length of time I’ve been lurking, etc., but certainly when you measure my interaction against many in the crowd. I have answered a question with some specificity (a factual response more than an opinion-based response), had another come in behind me and give the same response (almost verbatim). This happened twice in the same thread, as I recall; and the popular jellie got lurve like mad while I swam in my lonely lurvelessness.

That one instance is the only time that I felt like an outsider—I usually don’t notice, don’t care, or, most commonly, don’t participate much ;-)

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Yo! @flutherother! Speak for your own damn self! ;-)

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LIke @Jude said in the very first answer on this thread: nope.

Wait… there’s an answer before hers? Damn it!

Seriously, though, I don’t think people rate answers by the lurve rating of those who post them. I’m sure some people are more trusted for various reasons, but their lurve score seems to be a function of that trust rather than the other way around.

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Once you win the toaster and the jelly glasses (get it?), it’s all pretty much down hill from there . . .

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@wundayatta Your lurve score puts us all in the shade (of the orange tree) ;-)

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Like some have pointed out, those with higher scores have been here longer / written more posts / been more active / etc.
Combine that with: I know that I’ve said things similar to others, but not nearly as effectively. I’ll read theirs, and go ‘oh. that’s clearer.’ or ‘oh. that makes a larger impact.’ Even if we meant the same thing, the problem is translating the ideas through little textboxes on the web. A wonderful medium, we all here agree that Fluther’s great, but I think it does have a bit of a learning curve. Just a bit : on how to best communicate your idea, your thought, your point, your argument, to the community reading it.
It’s not that anyone is worth more or less than anyone else, it’s not that anyone’s doing anything wrong, it’s not that those with higher scores are favored; it’s just they’ve been here longer, and so have had longer to acclimate to the subtle culture. They’ve had longer to learn how to use their tentacles, pulse most affectively. Gah that’s not the correct terminology for a jellyfish…
At least, I know I’m still learning.

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@picante just coined a new awesome Fluther word, lurvelessness and I love it!

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@flutherother The orange tree is relaxing by the seashore right now, drinking a pina colada and transferring mutant zombies into the Xth dimension. A favorite pastime. Just don’t tell @Symboline.

It is feeling munificent and casts its shade on all who so desire.

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No, but that is largely because I am used to Whose Line Is It Anyways? where the lines are made up and the points don’t matter.

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can’t really say… Guess to say it’s my natural instinct to feel that way. But I can’t help to not feel inferior to the other if the answer is more…I guess to say more intelligently spoken than mine. But that isn’t the case now isn’t it?

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@wundayatta It may be crap but I like it :-)

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I can’t be worried about things like that, popularity contests interfere with my drinking habit. As Willie Nelson said: “There’s a lot of old doctors who tell me that I better start slowing it down. But there’s more old drunks than there are old doctors, so I guess we’d better have another round”.

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