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What physical characteristics do you find attractive in a person?

Asked by CuriousLoner (1812points) June 20th, 2011


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Waist to hip ratio of 0.7

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Well…I’m still a pretty attractive woman for being 51, but, at this stage of the game, I just like a man that still has hair. lol

Bald is sexy on some guys, no doubt, but, a nice head of hair is still my preference.

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Ass, eyes and hair, in that order.

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@Coloma Cougars are hot. Just saying. Haha :D

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Also, I have a serious fetish for black hair and bangs. I like green eyes, freckles, and pale skin as well.

@Coloma is a total hottie.

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Ladies: Medium height, nice smile, a bit of meat on their bones (not too skinny, nor chub), longish hair, pretty eyes, nice ass, and they have strong knees (for when looking up at me whilst kneeling ;)).

Guys: as long as they’re pretty.

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@Jude Pretty? Like you prefer the metrosexual type guys or they just have baby faces? Hm?

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for when looking up at me whilst kneeling


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@CuriousLoner Pretty like Fiddle. Pretty eyes and a cute nose.

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A pulse.

And this isn’t some sort of quip. I don’t know why this is, but there just seems to be a physical beauty in everyone that seems attractive in their own way. The only people I would classify as ugly are those that have shown it in their personality. It is amazing how quickly an evil behavior can turn a handsome person into an ugly one.

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It’s not so much what they look like, as it is the way they move. If they can express desire just with their eyes and body and face, I’m a goner.

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Well I want to put an answer in now too, for me is it the eyes.

But there are some people,mostly women, but men too though I’m straight capture me right off the bat with eye contact. It is like an energy of its own.

Maybe I am weird. I don’t know.

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@CuriousLoner you’re not alone. Eye contact is a pretty much universal sex appeal thing.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Hah, ok. That is good to know. Sometimes I wonder when I have those moments like do other people feel this? Specially the person whom you feel that energy…

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@zen Score! :)

I like women who can sport reading glasses and turn them into sexy pair of things of their faces…? You know what I mean right?

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Well, if I was ever going to act on my Cougar card, it’d be @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard in a heartbeat. But, since I have a 23 year old daughter, I’d feel waay to pervy. lol

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@Coloma This guy must have great eyes to then at this rate! I’d probably fall into a man crush hahaha.

@Simone_De_Beauvoir I had to look that word up. I feel dumb now, haha. :D Interesting though.Finding a perfect mix of the two seems impossible, yea?

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He’s adorable, but, it’s his mind I want to f—k.Well, and that sexy southern accent..okay, Colomas gotta go take a cold shower now. I be baaad! lol

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I like tall chunky men, blue eyes, blond hair, tanned skin and cheeky smile. Nice ass helps and I have a real thing for big hands. But seeing as my SO is shorter than me with green eyes I guess I am not all that fussy, although he does have big hands and a very cheeky grin :-)

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Blue eyes;
Squeaky clean w/hands that look like they’ve seen a hammer or ax;
Decent teeth;
Over 5’11;
Broad shoulders

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Nice eyes, not super tall, brown hair, and not scrawny looking! Nice butts are also welcome!

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Tall,dark and handsome…and they had better be stronger than me.;)

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LOL…true. I once dated a guy that was afraid of thunder and lightening. Seriously! We were driving when a storm came on and he was a quivering mass of jello….jeez, nothing like having to be the ‘man’. haha. I once told my ex husband that I was more woman than he could handle and more man than he’d ever be. lol

I know, it was rather evil, but he pushed me to the limit. ;-)

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@CuriousLoner I am not looking for perfect.

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Hair, and it must be red. Mmmmmm…

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Blonde hair and green eyes
or brown hair and brown eyes
Medium or tall height.
I don’t really care about muscles

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Hmm since I just did the “work” of looking this up for the tummy question: All of this woman’s physical characteristics . Legs and feet are good too. ;-) And the ways women can move. All of it can be attractive.

However the most attractive thing to me is the eyes, which is only sort of physical because it’s really about the eye communication.

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For me, it’s not the looks themselves, but the feeling that I get from them. I like guys that are not too skinny, who are taller than me. But as far a specific type goes, I don’t have one.
I’ve always wanted to date a redhead. I don’t know why. Perhaps it was Fred and George from the Harry Potter movies.
Mostly, though, I date brown hair, brown eyes.

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I like a guy physically like my husband. He is freakishly fit for a guy who doesn´t work out at a gym and couldn´t give a shit what he looks like. He is what every action hero wants to be and he´s over 40. Part of the appeal is that he doesn´t have a concieted bone in his body but looks great without trying.

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Dark hair
Pretty face
Sexy eyes…..there must be two of them.
Athletic figure
Nice tits…..just a handful will do, as long as they’re firm & pert.
Shapely legs…...again, two is better.
Tight arse

Say hello to the wife ;¬}

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Good posture
Attractive gait/movements
Great smile
Good grooming
Quieter rather than louder
Taller rather than shorter
Good hygiene (makes the package much more attractive to me)

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Normally, it’s a combination of several things such as tits, hair, legs, ass, waist size, but eyes can snag me.

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Twinkling eyes that can turn soulful in a second. A nice, frequent smile with good teeth. Short or no hair. My height or a little taller; not a LOT taller. Healthy, but not a health nut. Good posture. No more than 25 pounds overweight; the closer to ideal weight, the better.
Wait a minute. This description sounds like ME! I guess I want as good as I’ve got.

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