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How do internet activities (Fluther in particular) affect your everyday habits?

Asked by wildflower (11152points) April 27th, 2008

I was shopping earlier today and ended up buying organic cotton tops and a FairTrade tote bag….
Now, I don’t do synthetics, but I don’t generally go out of my way to buy ecologically/environmentally friendly either. I can’t help but think it’s at least in part due to recent Q’s on here:

Have you observed anything similar in your habits or choices?

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I now only buy wild, organic jellyfish, not the farm-raised variety.

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When it comes to jellyfish, I still prefer the genetically modified or synthetic versions…...they don’t sting/burn…
(Having had the questionable pleasure of getting a jellyfish on my back while swimming….there’s just nothing to change my mind on that one)

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I saw a green jellyfish hat in a store and bought it! I even put an old pair of glasses on it. If I could I’d send you a pic, its so awesome!

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That’s so cool! :)

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Well, it has started training the way I think and approach problems as well as helping people with problems. It has also started my questioning lots of things I thought I had a pretty steadfast idea on before.

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My daily schedule has been modified. Every morning its coffee and fluther instead of the depressing newspaper.

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That’s so true gooch…..I’m doing that very thing now :)

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I’m the same way. sometimes I am still in jammies at noon because I begin to fluther before I get dressed! It’s cut down on my use of the phone, because I get annoyed if I get a call while I am here. My friends seem to have noticed this because when they call the first thing they ask now is ” Are you fluthering?”

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