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Would Jelly Beans melt if you shipped them?

Asked by pcmonkey (427points) June 20th, 2011 from iPhone

I’m doing a little contest online and the winners will have a choice of three things. One of those things being jelly beans. But realize I said online. Would jelly beans melt if you shipped them?

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No – you can have jelly beans delivered from so they must not.

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They might all get stuck together. The better the jelly bean and harder the outer part is, maybe the better they will survive. For sure confectioners who send candy around the US will know. You can just call one or two. Like in Bloomingdale’s in Florida when I worked there we did not send any type of chocolate at all period, because the risk of it melting was very high, amd we did not offer refridgerated shipping.

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As long as its not sent standard post you should be fine. Its when its sitting around in each ware house for hours that ya gotta worry. But if its overnight or something you’d def be fine. Then again shipping for that probably wouldnt be worth it.

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I live in a country that is very hot in the summer. We have jelly beans from the states, so I guess they were shipped here and survived the journey.

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I would ship them priority mail so they get there in a couple days and don’t sit in a truck for 3–4 days. Also ship them on Monday so they don’t get stuck somewhere all weekend.

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Even priority mail the jelly beans would be on hot truck, 100 degrees for hours where I live. In that type of heat it does not matter if it is 2 hours or 20. Either they melt or they don’t. I live at the FedEx hub, so overnight, still spending some time here in the hot in the summer.

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I left a big jar of Jelly Belly’s in the trunk of our car during a 6 week road trip. It was hot the whole time…..the ones that didn’t get eaten are still sitting in my kitchen, they’re perfectly fine. So no, I don’t think jellybeans ever melt.

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I was just going to say…Jelly Belly ship from Wisconsin to all over, and don’t melt or stick but it looks like @deni even put them to the road trip test an they still didn’t melt! :)

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I had a big jar of Jelly Belly jelly beans sitting in the back seat a hot car over the weekend. As soon as they cool off, they unstick. No marks or any indication that they were stuck together. I watched an episode of Modern Marvels on how jelly beans are made, and there’s a lot of cornstarch in the coating. They’re tumbled to polish them.

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