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If you align yourself with a political party, how often are your leaders wrong?

Asked by sarahtalkpretty (730points) June 20th, 2011

I ask because I feel I have no political home. I’ll spare you the reasons why, because I don’t want to make this about me. My question is if you do feel comfortable at home with one party, do you find they’re always right? Do you stay for lack of a better choice? Can you give an instance when you opposed a position of your party or felt they just didn’t ‘get it’?

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I disgree with my party all of the time. But, it is where I most fit. I always say anyone who agees 100% with what their vocal leaders of the party are saying, then they must not be thinking for themselves, I find it scary when people are perfectly in sync with their party. Most states do not allow people to crossover vote during primaries, so pick a part so you can have some influence in the primaries, that’s my advice, and then vote for whomever you like best in the end, no matter what party.

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I agree with the principles of the party but not all of their policies.

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There are three parties who have a good chance of getting my vote which makes me a ‘floating voter’. How I vote will depend on circumstances at the time and to an extent on personalities involved.

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I don’t feel like aligning myself with one party either, though I am a progressive/liberal. I have been a registered independent my entire adult life, since I first registered to vote at 18,

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I have made the choice not to align myself with a political party for the simple reason that both of the top two have a platform that I find absurd.

The Republicans, on the one hand, can’t seem to keep their nose out of social issues that are, IMHO, quite outside of the scope of the business of the federal government.

The Democrats, OTOH, have an annoying tenancy towards wanting to garnish my wages and spend the money on programs that, IMHO, are quite outside the scope of the business of the federal government.

The Libertarians have the right idea, but still being a fledgling party, they seem to be prone to having wackos of multiple stripes hijack their platform thus making them either ineffective or come across as loonies.

Bottom line for me, the best way to address our economic woes is to reduce the size and scope of the federal government, untie the hands of the smaller mom and pop grass roots business by ceasing to regulate and tax them into oblivion, and let good old private enterprise do it’s job.

If any of y’all can tell me which viable political party supports that, sign me up!

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I have voted for candidates in both major parties. In my opinion, they are all equally worthless, and equally capable of making my life more difficult than it would be if they would go away.

As a note, I disapprove of the word “leader” in this context. They are politicians. Nothing more, nothing less. Very few have the skill or opportunity to be leaders. Most of them act according to polls. This makes them followers, not leaders.

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I’ve voted for both parties. Although I am a fiscal conservative, I sometimes get really pissed off at how Republicans ignore people in need & have their own “pork” issues where they waste money. I’m pretty jaded about both sides. Both sides are often wrong.

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Regularly. They are all human and all have certain vested interests. I make my own decisions and do not feel uncomfortable about someone being wrong in my party.

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I have decided not to affiliate myself with any political party; neither Democrats nor Republicans nor Libertarians have platforms that really click with me (and really, third parties hardly have a chance), so I have become the Party of Me. My vote typically gets spent countering the vote of a hypothetical philosophical opposite of myself.

If I am feeling sufficiently perverse, I will identify myself as a monarchist. Which is technically true, though my standards for monarchy are impossible for mere mortals to meet. To quote Tayler’s Massively Parallel, ”If a dictator is just, enlightened, and moral, and if the people are still afforded choice, then dictatorship can do more good, and do it more effectively than any other form of government.” I go further by requiring infallibility and incorruptibility.

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I agree with the party ideology, just not the idiots in charge of it.

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I agree with @JLeslie, but can’t find any fault in @YoBob‘s point of view.

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I am a moderate registered democrat. My parties leaders are wrong a lot, but the other parties leaders are wrong consistantly.

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You can’t agree with everything a party espouses there being so many issues, thus quite often.

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@filmfann The beautiful thing about consistency in error is that one may take it into account and compensate accordingly.

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They are all wrong. So I have to look closer at the ones who are less wrong which can be a real hand wringer at times.

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As often as I am wrong.

We are all people.

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With only two major parties involved (in our political world) you have a 50/50 chance of success or failure in your choice and either could change drastically at any given moment. We all want to go with a winner, but sometimes the winner isn’t who we went with..

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