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Are you upset by the death of Clarence Clemmons?

Asked by josie (30931points) June 20th, 2011

If you don’t know he was the sax player, and a charismatic figure in the E Street Band, then you won’t appreciate the question.


Bruce Springsteen was the first rock musician that I “discovered” all by myself, and followed as a fan. Not my parents music, not somebody else telling me something was cool, not what the radio or MTV said I should like.

I heard it, and I liked it, without peer approval or discussion.

I was a kid when I first heard “Sandy” on a local radio station when I was in Cape Cod.
Hooked on the spot.

One of my first dates with a girl that I seriously liked was a Springsteen concert. I have seen him several times.

Anyway, Clarence Clemmons died this weekend, and I am a little upset by it. Certainly, so are his friends and family, and their attachment is obviously more significant than mine.

But speaking for myself, I feel like something big (not a pun) has gone away from me.

How about you?

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CC was pretty strange, but could blow sax like no one else. I love rock sax, and today the radio was full of great sax songs. CC did many good one. His Jungleland and his take on Peter Gunn were perfect.
He will be missed. I think he is the 2nd member of E street to pass this year.

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Oh my God! He died? I didn’t know. I was just listening to Rosalita and Jungleland on youtube. I’ve seen Bruce and him about 6 times and he was just awesome. Nothing compares with a live Springsteen show and that music meant so much to me when I was younger. I can’t even imagine the music or the shows without the Big Guy. When two people play together so well for so long it’s just magic.

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No but I do understand how you feel. You did not know CC personally yet you feel there is a hole in your heart right now with him gone. I asked a question of similar nature before.

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@josie I generally don’t get all worked up when celebrities and famous people die, and it’s not like I’m all broken up about it but it’s sad, and it’s really, in a way, the end of the music, the music exactly the way Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemmons played it and that music mattered to me and meant something to me. The best concert I ever went to was seeing Bruce Springsteen, in Portland, OR, the fall of 1975, the week he was on the cover of both Time and Newsweek. I had travelled, west young girl, from not to far south of Jersey, preaching the gospel of Bruce Springsteen and I turned a guy onto him who did freelance photography for the local paper so he invited me, 5th seats, center, small venue, Bruce in all his early glory. Best, absolutely best, concert I have ever been to.

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Yes, a little. Reading up about their unique meeting and subsequent friendship spanning almost four decades – I feel for the Boss’ loss.

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One of the very first albums I bought was Born to Run. I have listened to Jungleland – the entire album really – and been moved by his playing thousands of times. I am sad that he is gone.

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