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Would you rather have a job that paid ok but you didn't like, or a job that you loved but the pay was not good at all?

Asked by jca (36043points) June 20th, 2011

Would you rather have a job that you loved but the pay was bad, or a job where you were unhappy but the pay was good?

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The first. I work because I have bills to pay so I don’t have a choice as to what makes me happy, fulfilled or important.

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As long as I can support myself and obligations, I’ll take the job I love. Money will follow.

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I’d do it all for loooooooooooove.;)

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The latter.
I did the former for years and years, but it sucked the life out of me.
Now i love what i do, for few bucks, but overall i am happier than a fat wallet.

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I’ve done both.

I stuck it out at one place I loathed for two years because I needed the money. the owner threw chunks of wood at us when he was mad, the room I was in had no windows and no AC.

I love the job I have now, but the pay is mediocre and requires far too many hours.

Now my night job is the best of both worlds. Great job, insane amount of money. Sadly, it’s not full time and hours are unreliable.

It’s always something.

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A career should suit you, like your friends, or the clothes you like to wear. I would HATE a job at any pay that did not suit me.
Following a calling will always buy more happiness than money. Always.

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I had a job that I enjoyed, and it didn’t pay well. You can’t put a price on waking up each morning and not wanting to kill yourself because you have to go work at some shit hole.

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I once had a job that I loved but it didn’t support me and I was panicky and unhappy, except at work. Then I got a job I’d never had imagined I’d be interested in and suddenly I could afford the roof over my head, a new car, whatever groceries I wanted, monthly payments to school loans, monthly trips out of town, a car payment for my mother. I was thrilled to be able to make plans to go places and enjoy life instead of telling myself I’d get there… someday.

The way I work now suits me fine. I don’t like the job but I like the money to buy me some security and some life along the way, comfortably. There’s a great feeling from being able to pay your bills, have your teeth cleaned regularly, treat friends to an occasional outing or meal and to not worry about your debit card declining at the grocery store or gas station.

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I loved being a police officer. In the beginning, back in 1965, the pay for a police officer was truly bad. This is why I worked so many extra jobs. As time continued on, the pay for police officers finally came in parity with other jobs of similar nature and compared to other cities of our size.

I was happy in my job, but I qualified for food stamps, in the beginning. I never used food stamps and thank the Lord the pay became equal to other police officers throughout the country.

Having a masters degree or associate degree, really makes a pay difference in my department.

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For about twenty years or more I worked in jobs I believed in, but got little pay. I wouldn’t say I loved the jobs, but I thought I was doing the right thing and I felt good about that. I resented not being paid what I thought others my age and education were being paid, but not enough to sell out.

Now I have a job that pays a lot more, and I love it, and it isn’t even selling out. About effin’ time!

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I’d like to say that I’d go for the one that I’d love with little pay.. but I’m not really totally sure myself. I’d probably leave the job I love for a higher pay job if I got the chance.. Who knows what will happen after? Perhaps I’ll go back if I’m really miserable.

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You spend more waking hours working. Easy choice.

Do work you enjoy.

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Twelve years ago, I was faced with that exact choice. I could have returned to the job I had left a year earlier at my same salary. I was NOT fond of the job, the politics of the position, or management. My coworkers were, for the most part, asshats. I was offered my current position at a substantially lower salary, but one where I could manage my bills, and have a little play money. I opted for the work I knew I would love, and have honestly, never regretted my decision. I am still not making as much as I would have been in the job I disliked, but that’s OK. I am happy where I am, my salary allows me to eat and live indoors, and I love the people I work for and with. Take the work you love!!

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