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Were you named after a song (or someone famous)

Asked by Jude (32167points) June 20th, 2011

I got my name from this song.

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I was named after a God of war.

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I was named after a dog my father had in the Marine Corp. XD
Years later,I got him back by naming my dog after him.

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No. I got my name, because my parents bought a house when my mother was six months pregnant with me and they had planned on naming me Jill but the dog across the street was named Jill and they thought it might get confusing when everyone started yelling“Jill, get back here. Jill, no! Jill, don’t go in the street…” :-) They had to pick something else.

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No, my Godmother named me because my parents were too indecisive and she got tired of their bitching so she threw a name out there and it stuck.

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@ragingloli Mars? Ares? Your answer lacks specificity.

I bet it was Wurrukatte. The world’s filthy with folks named after him. There was a “Wurrukatte M.” and “Wurrukatte S.” in my second grade class.

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My mother’s story is that my dad wanted to name me after a Playboy centerfold… Vonda Kay. He vehemently denies this, saying no, Vonda Kay was the 1965 Miss America. Either way, I’m extremely relieved I didn’t get that name.

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Jjames Ddean.

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I am the piper’s son.

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No, I was named after my maternal grandfather.

My brother was named after my father, and my sister was named after my mother. Real creative types, my parents.

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Well not intentionly but my name is Taytum like actress Tatum O’neal

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Of course, “Danny Boy” Mom, with a great voice would sing it to me so many years ago.. to this day my family calls me business buddies..Dan. I love the former.

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Both my sisters (Linda and Patricia) were named after songs.
I was named for my father, and my grandfather.
I am fine with that. I don’t need a name like Barabajagal , though the song is eternally cool.

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I came home from the hospital on my sisters 5th Birthday. I was the 5th kid so they decided to let her name me. I was almost Betsy Westy, but they convinced her to name me after her Judy doll instead. (I’m really a Judith, but don’t tell her that.)

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I was named after an actress
in a soap my mom used to watch. Awesome.

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I was named after the song by Chuck Berry, Johnny B. Goode. I have tried to live up to the wording in that song.

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@lucillelucillelucille One way or another, we both have the names we have because of a dog. That’s actually kind of interesting, I think.

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Yes, a song.

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My Mom wanted to name me Kookie from a popular television show at the time, 77 Sunset Strip. Everyone talked her out of the name. When I was born, they knocked women out during labor. When she came to, she thought I was a boy and named me David Eugene. The nurses didn’t record the name and waited until my dad came into the room to get my current name. I still don’t use it. I actually go by my initials.

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@lillycoyote My sister named a dog after me too.I will get her back eventually. XD

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I am not but I met a girl recently named Kashmir, spelled the same way and all. She confirmed that she was indeed named after the song.

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I was named after a character in literature.

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I was named after the guy in Brian’s Song.

I wish my parents hadn’t insisted on waiting specifically for a movie that was named for a dying professional football player, before they tried to name me.

Not having a name until you’re 24 can make for a tough childhood. ;-p

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I wasn’t but I decided on my beautiful daughter’s name after hearing this song. Link

The words don’t quite fit a baby, but then she is my love.

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No, I was named after someone in the Royal Family, who was born a couple of years before me.

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I was named after a singer that my Dad saw on TV, and he liked her name.

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When I was born in Italy, my father thought I was the most beautiful girl baby in the world, so he wanted to name me after the ancient Roman goddess of love and beauty.

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