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Does a container that works like a thermos but shaped like a tupperware exist?

Asked by flo (12974points) June 20th, 2011

People who don’t have a fridge at work, or don’t want to use it, for example would love it.

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It sounds like you are talking about a bento box. This is how I pack my lunch every day! This is very close to the one that I have. For food safety, it is a good idea to check this out before you pack

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I’ve got something like this at home, it keeps my food nice and warm, so I assume it would keep things cold too?; search for ”Thermos Jar” and there are some different options.

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@Kayak8 Thanks, that looks similar.

@DancingMind thanks. That is a thermos though. I’m thinking a tupperware, with different compartments for salad etc. but with qualities of a thermos.

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Oh no problem : )
I don’t have compartmented tupperware… didn’t know it existed!

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There’s always a desktop sized personal fridge that holds 6 cans of soft drinks, or the equivalent of other stuff…

Tupperware would probably not retain the cold. However, maybe you have a product idea, providing there’s a market for it.

What you will probably find is an insulated lunch or casserole carrier that would hold a compartmentalized container.

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Here is another version of obento . . .

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@BarnacleBill The fridge, although it is nice to know about, I want to take my luch everyday in and not have to take it out until I am ready to eat.

@Kayak8 it doesn’t say anything about thermos qualities though.

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You could just insulate a box.

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I’ve had several good insulated bags or containers from Walmart or Zellers at very reasonable prices. And I’ve added freezer packs to containers to make things stay cool longer.

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They sell insulated lunchboxes with those fake ice pack things. I find it easier just to make a no-mayo sandwich and toss it and some chips and an apple into a brown sack.

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You can fill a glass bottle (such as a clean, empty Snapple one) ¾ full of water, and place in freezer overnight.

Then include it in your insulated bag with sandwich. The ice will melt slowly and give you a beverage as a bonus. You can add a little tea or juice to the water or fresh mint to make it interesting.

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There probably are other purposes for it though.

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