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Would you invest in bitcoin or future online virtual currencies?

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Maybe when it’s more commonly accepted (probably not “universally”, but even credit cards aren’t universally accepted) as currency.

I’ve long been in favor of “private” currency, especially considering the silent theft that governments universally accomplish via inflation. Silent, and tacitly accepted abetted by people who should know better.

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It is still pretty risky. The value of BTC dropped considerably in the last week, apparently they may have been manipulated.

The BTC set up is not transparent about creation of currency, and is vague about how the money supply grows or shrinks. But I would be interested in more transparent currencies that might be created on line, if they are clear in what the exchange rate is.

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Too much like buying credits for Farmville.

I’ve read too much history from the post-revolutionary war period not to appreciate centralized banking. Private currency was a disaster.

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