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Which cat or dog food is most tasty?

Asked by Sunny2 (18832points) June 20th, 2011

I read about people (mostly elderly) who have so little money that they eat cat or dog food. Watching the current pet food commercials, I wondered to whom they were appealing. The pet food is described as ‘balanced’ with vegetables (for basically meat eating pets) and delicious. The pet food companies advertise to sell product, but to whom? Pet owners or destitute people? Or both? Has anyone tasted pet food? If so, which is tastiest? For people.

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The last time I tasted pet food I was about 4 and I can’t tell you what it tasted like, but since I no longer eat it, it must not have been too good. If I HAD to eat pet food it would be some kind of nugget that had no fish product in it at all, because soft or fishy sounds particularly disgusting. My dog eats IAMS.Right now it’s Lamb, Rice & Vegetable enriched with antioxidants…it doesn’t smell too bad. I guess that’s what I’d eat. I don’t think pet food companies are expecting people to eat their product, but sure they want to make it look appealing to the human palate because we’re the ones with the money.

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I read a John Stossel article once where he investigated the dog food industry, and apparently dog food makers spend a lot of money on research to devise dog foods that look and smell appealing to pet owners. Dogs would be perfectly happy eating their own crap, so a lot of that marketing is targeted towards owners.

I’ve only eaten dry dog food before and it tasted like a bitter cracker.

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I can see that they would advertise the pet food so it would seem appealing to the owners, since the owners feel such an almost-human bond with their pets. A ‘bitter cracker’ doesn’t appeal to me. Lamb, rice and vegetables, on the other hand, might be more palatable, especially with a bit of Worcestershire sauce.

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A can of vegetable soup costs 50 cents at the dollar store. I can’t believe someone would rather eat dog food.

My dogs like Dog Chow. But then, they’ll eat anything.

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The quandary for the pet food companies is making it attractive to the pet owners as dog or cat food. They want it to seem to the owner as what they think their pets will like. So dog food smells and looks a little like a mixture of old horsemeat. Cat food smells like some kind of organ meat from a bird, like kidneys or gizzards.

I have never come close too eating any pet food except a dog biscuit which a friend tricked me with and said it was a dunking biscuit for coffee.

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I have tasted kibble before, meh, nothing to get excited about as a human. Never tried can food. Blech!
I am sure this has happened, but, I think a lot of it is urban legend.
Maybe waay back when you could get Skippy dog food for 20 cents a can.
You can buy top raman for 25 cents a package, Mac-n-cheese for dirt cheap at certain outlet stores, Big Lots, etc.
A carton of eggs for a couple of dollars, a jar of off brand peanut butter for a few bucks.

If I were that poor I’d have a bowl of top raman with a hard boiled egg and a peanut butter sandwich or some Mac-n-cheese.
I pay 75 cents a can for Fancy Feast for my cat, that’s the same as a box of Mac-n-cheese or 3 Top Ramens.

I pray I am never that poor, I really like good food! It’s one of lifes greatest pleasures.

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The quality control requirements (amount of contaminants) us lower for dog food processing. As far as taste, probably the meatier ones.

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I think I’ll check and see if elders eating pet food is just an urban legend.

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There is definately a difference. I used to use all kinds til I settled on one brand. I give her the same amount, every day, same time in the morning after she has a BM. No health problems, no fluctuation in weight. No fur problems. Nothing. It’s even cheaper in the long run (it’s an expensive kind) because she eats less – probably because the food is meatier with less additives and crap.It’s called Relish.

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Im pretty sure I’d rather just eat plain oatmeal for the rest of my life….even flavored oatmeal is cheaper than dog food.

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Yes, I was thinking Oatmeal too, forg ot to add it to my list.
Well, I can always make some corn,barley and millet mash with the chicken scratch I feed my geese
50lbs. for $10 That’s a lot of corn mash. Hey, I have a grinder, it’s cornbread too! lol

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If you have both a cat and a dog then you probably already know that it’s hard to keep your dog away from the cat food! Dogs almost universally seem to love cat food.

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I didn’t find anything to suggest that this is an urban legend. You all have such good alternative suggestions, but we don’t seem to have anyone who actually tasted the canned pet food. And NO, I’m not going to try it. Maybe if there was a horrible catastrophe, there was no food and a can of shrimp cat food was found, I might.

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Nutro dog food smells like roast chicken (mmm…) but prob. tastes bland.

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Jars of peanut butter are available at the dollar store. I’d go for human protein before I’d o to cat/dog food.

Besides, I buy high-quality dog/cat food that’s grain free. It’d be much more expensive for me to eat my pet food.

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We had a big party one time when I was in high school and after everyone was really buzzed we put out bowls of Little Friskies cat food as snacks. It disappeared fast. So I guess it wasn’t that bad.

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Whoa! Let me get this straight.. Are you talking to me or to rover? When it comes to dog food, my dog don’t talk and I won’t. So I guess I’m just as smart as a third grader. To tell the truth, just the thought of eating either dog or cat food turns most of us off even though the ingredients are just as nutritious as regular food though most likely uber bland.. I’m sure in starvation cases one would gobble down mutt food, but up until then, even plain rice is a better choice.

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@chewhorse I’ve read about destitute people, particularly elders, eating pet food. Hence, the question.

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Has anyone tried “Luthers” dog treats by Health pro? I could sit by the tube and pollish off ½ a box before I realize what I’m doing. Just me and the dogs, chillin at the house…eatin dog food together.

Get some today!

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