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To be strong and enjoy every day of your life without letting the little things bother you. Live your life the way you would want to think back on it at the age of 80

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Remember, your mum and dad are doing their best to be the parents you need. They will get things wrong from time to time. Try to forgive them their mistakes. Even if they have other children, you don’t come with a rule book so they are going to have to get to know you just as much as you have to get to know them.

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Don’t cry, shit happens….especially in your diaper/nappy ;¬}

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Be yourself, no matter what.

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Accept risk and work to manage it.
Hope for the best; plan for the worst.

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All your base are belong to us

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Expect to be loved and valued. You deserve it.

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Watch carefully. Being nice/good doesn’t mean nice/good will come back to you.

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Always try your hardest, and never give up. Also never disrespect your superiors.

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Be a man of FAITH!

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… unless you weren’t planning to be a man in the first place.

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Never give up! Never surrender! Never say “die!” And take NO prisoners!

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Look both ways before crossing the street.

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Love yourself- the rest will follow.

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Just today, there is a newborn baby in my life so this is particularly relevant to me right now. I’d say…
You have unbelievably great potential. Choose to listen to those who support and believe in that potential, and ignore and avoid those who deny it.

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It’s all a dream…the world is a stage…don’t take things too seriously.

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^^ Agreed.

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Be strong and treat others the way they treat you, DO NOT TRUST PEOPLE YOU MEET IN YOUR LIFE and be carefull.

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Don’t you think it would be a lonely life if you trusted no one?
Trust is an important part of friendship, relationship, and families.
Sure, it’s something to be earned. But not taken away completely…

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believe me it will be a safe life if you limit your trust, you won’t get hurt too much when you expect cheating and lies from others. Anyway you may not take my advice seriously but I am talking about strangers even a friend of yours could use your friendship to get what he/she wants.It’s all about caution.

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I didn’t say trust was something to be thrown around, and given to everyone freely.
But I know for a fact that there are some people who are trustworthy.
Again, it’s something to be earned.
People have been brought up to believe that EVERYONE is out to get you, and that EVERYONE will hurt you just for the sake of hurting you. But not everyone is that way.
I mean, are you that way? Saying everyone is trying to hurt everyone would imply that you’re also trying to hurt everyone…

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If it doesn’t make you happy…....don’t do it!
If you can’t be honest…..don’t say it!
And above all look at everything and everyone with open eyes and mind…’ll be grateful for it!

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Positivity and belief will bring you anything you ask for


Make good choices in life.

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Choose life. I just saw that quote recently and it’s simple, but so true. Choose to live, choose to make your life worthwhile, choose to fulfill your life, all that—Choose LIFE.

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Don’t push your luck. When you’re up, try to stay grounded.

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That you matter, that you are here to learn and teach lessons in your life.
To take the good with the bad, but lean on the goodside more.
That you are a precious person, that life is precious, that you are given life to proceed in helping others.

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Find people who are trustworthy and trust them.

Also, I know how to tell a baby that – you do it by listening to their cues, comforting them when they’re upset and sharing in their joy when they’re happy.

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