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How can I create a background beat in Minecraft using redstone repeaters?

Asked by jellyfish3232 (1849points) June 21st, 2011

At least, I think you need to use redstone repeater. I just want a description outlining how to create a simple, repeating note (Tap pause tap pause tap). Once I learn the basics, I can go on to create a more advanced beat. I just want to know this because I’m building a music studio in spawn town on the fluther server, and a background beat would be a nice touch.

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There is a fluther minecraft server?

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@mowens Yeah, and it’s somewhat active. To be clear, it’s flutherites + friends of flutherites, but there wouldn’t be many people on it if it wasn’t.
Michael_Huntington is the owner, PM him and he should be able to add you to the whitelist.

@jellyfish3232 Honestly, I have no idea, but there are some pretty good guides on it.
One thing, though, I’ve found large groups of redstone and circuits to be incredibly laggy in MP, so be careful with that.

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You can easily do this with some basic redstone. All you have to do is to create a redstone repeater clock. This can be done by creating a complete circuit fitted with an odd number of torches… Or much simpler you can just create a circle of wire, which has at least 2 redstone repeaters within it. Once you have created this clock all you need to do is add the Noteblocks onto it. You can set the delay between each note sounding by increasing the amount of repeaters/torches within the clock. Hope this answers your question :) There are loads of guides how to do this all over the internet… Or just search for basic redstone and it should teach you all you need to know

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