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Can you share some awkward moment from your life with us ?

Asked by Hibernate (9050points) June 21st, 2011

At a point things get awkward.
Like when you want privacy and someone bothers you a lot [ I tend to do this to others ].

Or when you get caught smoking ^^

Or when walk around with your partner and you meet another couple and your partner starts a conversation with someone from the other couple and you have nothing to say to the other person.
etc etc

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I got caught naked on the couch by a salesman that came to the door.He kept asking me why I couldn’t come to the door! I told him I didn’t know how to walk,which then dragged our interaction out way longer than it needed to be. XD

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My friend telling my Step Sister I ‘fancied’ her at my Dad and my Step Mum’s wedding. I don’t (he was just being immature) and luckily she was too drunk to remember… I hope.

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@lucillelucillelucille hahahahaha!!!

My wrap around skirt (work uniform) dropped when I was up on a ladder (in Canadian hardware store). I don’t wear any gotchies, so, a few men shopping for Christmas lights got a quick glimpse.

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We got caught by my girlfriends dad in her room under the blanket…talk about a time standing still for a moment! Even though we were both in college, her dad still gave me the death stare. Major buzz-kill awkward!

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Recently, I was taking a leak at the urinals at work. Upon zipping back up my zipper, the zippy thing completely came off! Attempts at fixing this in a stall failed and I ended up covering it up for the rest of the day unnoticed. Luckily it was later in the day.

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>>At Mellow Mushroom pizza restaurant with several friends, including a bisexual female friend
>>Waitress is smokin’ hot
>>I order a beer
>>Waitress cards me and makes a comment about how we are both “1990” kids
>>Enraptured by her loveliness, I stutter something like “oh… uhh, I thought you were much older because you’re like… pretty and stufff.”
>>She awkwardly chuckles.
>>I blush.
>>4 beers later…
>>My bi ladyfriend writes a note on a napkin to the waitress saying I think she’s hot and signs it with my name and number.
>>Bi ladyfriend also does the same thing with her own number
>>Go home.
>>Bi ladyfriend texts me later that night to tell me that hot waitress sent her a picture of her boobs.
>>My face when

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It was the night I was being escorted back to my dorm room by a guy from the church event we attended and running into the guy I was sort of seeing who was with his ex-girlfriend.

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Hooking up with a guy and the next week sitting across from the guy in bible study while he kept licking his lips and winking.

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@Jude -XD Yep,Skirts on a ladder.I once had mine blow OVER MY HEAD as I was making my way down a ladder from the rooftop of a building where we watched a parade!
I tried to act like nothing happened!LOL

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This actually happened to my best friend. She had been working at a company for about 6 years and she was leaving to take a new job. My friend is also a vegetarian and everyone at her work knew that (because they used to give her a lot of flack and rude/embarrasing comments/questions about it). Anyway, some of the nicer folks, wanted to take her out to lunch on her last day. So her boss, who clearly knew that she was a vegetarian, made reservations at a steak house. One of the nicer folks spoke to the boss and reminded her that my friend was a vegetarian and that a steak house wasn’t very appropriate. The boss told the other co-worker that “everybody else that works here eats meat and no one is going to want to go to some weird vegetarian place, plus I called the steak house and they have a vegetarian entree.” So my friend, reluctantly went to this “party for her” and got to eat a small iceberg lettuce salad with a few cucumbers and a couple of cherry tomatoes, because that was the only “vegetarian item” the restaurant served.

Later, she told me that it would have been perfectly acceptable to her and to the other “meat eating co-workers” if they had just gone to a pizza place, or Hometown Buffet or Souplantation or Cocos or even Denny’s.

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I had just gotten a new job. I was pretty puffed up about the position and the company. I was attending an event that drew people from around the world. I introduced myself to the CEO of the firm who sponsored the event. He asked me if I found everything acceptable. His secretary was walking up behind him. I had dealt with her for a few years. I always felt like she treated me like an underling and I thought she was rude to me in the past.

With my head swelled from my new position, I thought, pay back time. I told the CEO how my creditials and an information packet wasn’t prepared for me when I arrived. I deliberately tried to make his secretary look bad. I thought I was justified and I was telling the truth.

I was dressed so nice and looked so cute. He apologized and smiled and squeezed my hand and said he’d take care of it right away and it would not happen again. I looked at the secretary, smiled and said, “I hope not.” I abruptly turned on my cute heels and walked…right into a plate glass window about four feet from the glass doors leading outside.

Awkward. It turned into one of my Life Lessons.

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My life is a string of awkward moments. It’s really much more memorable and amazing when I manage to pull something off suavely and smoothly.

I think I have too many moments to choose from. I’ll be back.

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I was golfing in a league and my partner would always say“hit it Sally” when he left a putt short. I picked up the habit. We we’re golfing against a regular league golfer and his son, who just happened to be in town for the funeral of his mother and the other guys wife. I left a putt short and said “hit it Sally”. The name of their mother and wife: Sally.

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An earthquake hit early one morning, and my girlfriend happened to be sleeping over at my place at the time. Her mom called me, looking for her (innocent?) daughter. Apparently she did not answer the phone at her apartment. What could I do but say: “Just a minute…”?

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- One time a friend caught me trying to shave my head with fire while naked, drunk and loud. I eventually passed out and went in to “an alcoholic coma”, an ambulance was called, when the Dr. put his finger in my mouth to see if I was choking, I bit down hard, and from what others have told me, then said “No Mr. Clinton”.

- One time I was selling beds at a big departament store, when some customers came in and I started to feed them all some bullshit to make them buy a bed. They wanted a strong one, so I pointed to the most expensive model, told them it was very strong, that it was the same as the one I used. Then, to show them just how strong the bed was, I sat down on it a little fast to show how them how it could take my weight….. except that it could not take my weight, and caved in enveloping me in a matress ball. As I struggled to get out, all I could hear was the customers laughing as they almost pissed them selves as they walked away.

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My first shag, ahh…twas the best of times, twas the worst. Basically, a little too eager in the thrusting department led to me member slipping out of the “front door.” Only it happened so fast I kept on pumping, resulting in my proud erection hitting her on the thigh. Well, it bent out of shape & yes, it fucking hurt!!! Did I feel awkward? I surely did :¬(

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I was on the wrestling team in high school at the 125 weight class… one of my first matches was wrestling a quadriplegic. This guy was 125 pounds of muscle without full arms, legs, or prosthetics.

I was given the option to not wrestle this guy, but I was so impressed with his determination that I’d be a dick if I didn’t wrestle.

But the most awkward moment that I cannot forget now (but certainly did at the time) was the obligatory hand shake before the match…

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One thing is for certain, I must love the taste of my own feet. I am forever and constantly putting my foot in my mouth. Those who know me would understand that it’s just that I’m a giant, socially-awkward dork, but as first impressions go, it’s maybe not the best start to things.

A couple of years into my serving career, I had this table of a very nice young couple in their late teens. The young man sounded like he’d recently had his tongue pierced—which, if you’ve ever been around someone in this situation, you know they talk in a particular way.

So, trying to be friendly and chit-chat, I asked the guy, “Oh, did you just get your tongue pierced?”

They both stared at me, in silence.

Me, clueless, looking askance at them both.

His girlfriend said shortly, “No… he just talks that way.”

My eyes got really wide, I turned bright red, apologized profusely, and then spent the rest of their meal trying to show them how sorry I was and that I’d had no idea.

They left me a decent tip, so I like to think maybe no feelings were hurt?

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Once a few years ago I was running late for work and rushed out the back door, locking it from the inside and closing it on my skirt. lol

The keys were in my car which was running out in the driveway and I had to drop my skirt and run to my car in my pantyhose and boots to get the keys. lololol

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Okay, so I was at this small party at a friend of mine’s house, it was mostly just our high school’s wrestling team, and this dumbass put something in everyone’s drinks. Pretty much we got so damn high we had no idea what the hell we did all that night. Next morning when I wake (still at my friend’s house) I find myself along with another guy in bed with said friend’s mom…

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Sunday… When my friends brother confessed the crush he has on me. O.o
Oooooooh boy.

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Oh my, most of my fluther contributions have to do with awkward life moments.

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That time in high school when my bag fell upside down in class and a bunch of pads and tampons fell out. In another class, a girl quietly asked, “Does anyone have a pad?” and someone from the previous class shouted, “Sliceswiththings does!” Not fun for a 15-year-old.

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I was super shy in high school and had a crush on a football player who broke his leg in a game. He was in a wheelchair rolling around our math class doing wheelies and then he rolled over my lunch. Crushing my banana and pb&j. In half. I said, “oh… My lunch.” and he just said, “whoops.” and rolled away.

he recently knocked on my front door trying to give me a kitten from a box of them that he had. O.o

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I was trying smoking, like a lot of teens do. I had already decided I didn’t much like it. It kind of bit my tongue. And I couldn’t inhale. But I was working on it in my bedroom. My mom walked in. I put my hand behind my back, crumpling the cigarette. She asked, “What do you have behind your back?” I slowly pulled the smoldering cigarette out. I was mortified. She just said, “For heavens sake! If you want to smoke, tell me. I’ll put an ash tray in your room.” That was the end of that. If it wasn’t forbidden, there was nothing to recommend it. I never smoked again.

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I showed up very drunk at the apartment of a girl I’d been dating. I ruined her dinner party, and then passed out on the couch. When I woke up very hungover at daybreak, I needed a cigarette so I went out on her back landing. But the door locked behind me, and I was out there in my underwear. It was pretty awkward when she finally head my knocking and opened the door.

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Well…now that it’s dark I am going outside naked to water on this hot summer night. lol
No awkward neighbors to see me, well, only the neigh-bors in the wooded pasture. ;-)

I suppose I should be careful to not have an awkward moment with a large predator. Oh well…it’d be a quick kill with no clothes to prolong the Cougars killing frenzy. hahaha

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OH! The most awkward was when I went to Mac Donald’s to buy some food stuff and found that my purse was empty as I brought an another purse in hurry. I was not able to make decision now what to do and what not. I had the debit card, but didn’t even thought of it and said to the boy ove3r there that I don’t have money. later on he told me that I might be having the debit card, i blushed and said es! My god! How dumb I acted there! I still can’t forget!

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I was in a long line at a supermarket. I had my backpack sitting on the handle of my cart and was digging in it for something, probably my money. As I pulled whatever it was out, along came a condom, which fell to the floor with a SLAP.

My face turned bright red and I glanced around to see if anyone saw, but it seemed like everyone was oblivious. I rapidly bent down to snatch the condom up before anyone noticed. On my way back up (just as rapidly), I hit my head HARD on the shopping cart handle, making a loud clattering noise that, of course, caused everyone to stare at me.

Condom in hand, naturally.

I’m so smooth. ;)

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Haha….oh man, I hit my head TWICE the other day, damn, it hurt! First I slammed my forehead into a big Bendre gourd drum that hangs off the end of the curtain rod in my bedroom while making my bed. Then, I walked into my own garage door that was about halfway down and I misjudged the height, good thing I have a hard head!

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Thanks for replies.

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One night after clubbin, I removed my pants and underwear as I switched into something more clean to sleep in. Next day, my father wakes me up and tells me to hurry up cause his business was throwing a BBQ. Without thinking , i put the same pants back on and headed out to the bbq. Two hours into it, i noticed that I was walking around the area with a loose underwear in the bottom of my jeans. Should have seen my fathers face.

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