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What are some tips and advice for wall-mounting bulky items?

Asked by squirbel (4292points) April 27th, 2008

I’ve tried googling this with few results. How many of you DIY-ers have some advice to wall mounting furniture/cabinets? I’ve seen some cool setups where people have removed the legs from beneath dressers and mounted them to the wall instead [of course, they weren’t solid wood dressers, more like stuff from ikea].

All advice is appreciated,

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Mounting something heavy into drywhall can be extremely hard, even with mollies. Make sure that you drive the screws/nails into studs or else it might rip out of the wall =o Maybe somone who is a contracter or carpenter will have a few more suggestions.

P.S. I once put my nails straight into the drywall and my shelves came crashing down, ripping big holes =(

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I would go to the really good independent hardware store in my community and get advice.
Maybe even the big box stores can help, but their employees aren’t as motivated to
know this kind of thing.

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You have to find the studs to mount heavy items. There is just no good way to avoid it. You can mount a rail to the wall and then hang whatever you want from the rail, but you still need studs to mount the rail to. I have used every stud finder out there. The best one is still a knuckle on the wall tapping. Do that, then poke holes with a small nailto be sure.

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run a horizontal board underneath screwed to the wall. When attaching it to the wall dont do it like a shelf. For example a 1×2 the 2 inch side would face the wall and the object would rest its weight on the 1 inch side. Then rest the weight of the object on the board. Then secure the object to the wall.

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