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How can I make money over the summer?

Asked by tianalovesyou (711points) June 21st, 2011

I really want to make some of my own money over this summer. Unfortunately, I cannot get a job because I am only in middle school. Should I sell online, or is there other things I can do? If I do sell online, what should it be?

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Babysitting was how I made my money at your age. Lots & lots of babysitting.

Other ways friends made money: Lawn mowing, garage sweeping, helping people do outdoor projects, making bracelets to sell, pet care, dog walking…

If you want to sell things, American Girl dolls-etc on ebay sell well (I have a store), BUT, to get top dollar for items sold online, it’s best to sell from Sept thru the beginning of Dec to get the x-mas shoppers.

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Do you like research? Would you prefer something outdoors? Something physical? Would you be willing to take on a mindless task, or would you prefer something where you learned? What interests do you have?

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@Pied_Pfeffer i like research. outdoors and indoors are fine. I prefer physical… I am fine with anything really…..(:

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If you already have chores and an allowance would your parents be willing to pay you to do things around the house that are above and beyond what you already do or maybe ask their friends and neighbors if they need any of the things that @SpatzieLover mentioned, babysitting, pet sitting, cleaning up around their houses and yards?

Also making bracelets as @SpatzieLover also mentioned, and if you do any beading, making jewelry to sell on eBay might be a good idea. There may be things around the house, in the attic, vintage and collectible stuff your parents might be willing to let you sell. You would have to do some research on the kind of things that hot now on eBay.

Also, and I don’t know how lucrative this is but a lot of people sell mosaic tiles cut from plates and other ceramics. I do a little mosaic work and I have both made my own tiles and purchase some, like these. It’s kind of tedious work It can take a bit of practice and skill to get the tiles as square and as flat as people need them but setting up your “business” really takes nothing more than a pair of tile nippers at about $20 and plates and other ceramics that can be found for cheap at thrift stores and resale shops. Anyway, if you have a knack for it’s a thought.

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Mow my backyard. If some kid with a weed-whacker and a lawn mower knocked on my door I would pay $100 to clean this grassy mess. And I would provide sodas!

When I was your age we had pretty good luck walking around and knocking on doors asking if people needed their cars washed or lawns mowed. People just loved kids going out and willing to do real work. I was going out with a few friends every weekend knocking on doors and getting 100 bucks each kid per weekend. I was doing pretty good for a kid in the 7th grade.

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@johnpowell I completely agree. My friends & I did the same thing.

Look for work @tianalovesyou & more will come to you. Once you get work from someone, be reliable. If you say you’ll do a project at 9am on Saturday, show up bright & early & ready to work. That way, you may even get a tip.

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Wash cars? Or, clean houses. I would pay you $15 an hour to help me clean my house.

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Wash cars or even babysit… that will give you a bit of cash in the old pocket.

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