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What do you do when you get bored ?

Asked by Hibernate (9055points) June 22nd, 2011

Everyone gets bored at some point. It may be routine or you just don’t have anything to do. Or you do not enjoy those things around you. [ and day dreaming is not enough to make to make the time pass.

Someone said that people get bored when they do not use their brain often enough .. not sure this is true.

What do you to lose you boredom ?

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For instance I start counting different things. Doesn’t matter if they are the same type I just count.
Day dreaming doesn’t always last that much so I still am bored.

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At some point of time we get bored up.When I feel so the best thing i do is to lie down and try to get a sound sleep.

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I no longer have time to get bored.. I tend to enjoy every day I have left on this rock whether I like it or not.

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It’s not about not enjoying the time spent on earth it’s about when one gets bored .. and today is not likely not to get bored.

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Call a gitlfriend.

Finally do one of the things I have been procrastinating.

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In office, when I get bored, try to read about new things and at home, try to sleep.

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Read as many different news websites as I can take

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Hang on my computer

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I am being completely honest when I say that I do not remember ever being bored. Not once. I never understood boredom.

Some people may attribute that to the fact that I have 3 kids, but I remember having this discussion a few times in the past and having the same answer. There is a huge backlog of things in my mind that I want to do. When a moment becomes available, I am free to choose one of these things. This backlog is extremely full.

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Fart on the dawg just to see the expression of bemused wonder on her face.
“Who dat? Where dat come from? Were’nt me governor!”

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Simple… jerk off.

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Poke her with a stick.

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Pick my nose.

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Write something
Break something
Swear at iTunes
Poke my fish with a stick

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Play karaoke trumpet.

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Play Angry Birds.

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I kick my sister off the computer and Fluther. Or listen to my iPod. Sometimes I just sit, stare into space, and think. I did that for an entire 45 minute math class once when we had work we could do at home that I really didn’t want to do then.

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Bored? What’s that?

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Call someone to chat a bit

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I don’t even know how to be bored. My mind and my days are always full of ideas and things to do.

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Stare at nothing in particular.

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I usually get bored when I’m physically ill ..or going through lazy winter blahs.

I will usually:

Mess around with my guitar or music keyboard.
Fall asleep.
Cuddle or play with my dog.
Bug the cats.
Watch TV.
Make faces at my partner.
Play video games.
Clean/dust/tidy stuff.
Make more faces at my partner.
Play with random things within my reach (no, nothing dirty).
Sit outside or go for a walk.

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Thanks for replies.

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If I am in home, I will try to sleep and if I am outside from home, will go for walk.

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I go to Youtube and listen to some oldies of the 60s, 70s. 80s.

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