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Do you think that movers work according to their pay?

Asked by jeremyh (257points) June 22nd, 2011

Just curious to know about the answer

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Can you clarify this? I’m not sure what you mean.

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I know a guy who manages movers at a moving company. They are paid by the hour, not by the job, but they are supervised, so if they slack off, they can get fired.

If a company was hired to move for you and one guy wasn’t pulling his weight, report him. The other guys who had to do all the work while one didn’t help will definitely get reported by the those other guys.

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We had to put a lot of stuff in storage during a renovation. The storage joint offered a truck and some guys for two hours free for the trip to the storage place. If you went over two hours there would be a charge per ½ hour.
We were well prepared with everything arranged to go. We got it done in the two hours and those guys worked hard. I don’t know what the place paid them but we tipped them.

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Most movers work hard no matter what they are paid.

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Did you know that most movers are ex-convicts?

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No, they work according to how badly they need their job.

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@john65pennington yes, I once did volunteer work with an organization to help them get work.

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@john65pennington – the last movers I hired were both graduate students who bought the company from the previous owner when he retired. They had started working the job during college and planned to expand once they graduated.

Using “most” in this case may be misleading.

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Funkdaddy, okay. How about I add some are ex-convicts, instead of most.

I said this only because this is what they have old me. They stated that no one will hire them, once they learn they have been in prison. Its not the company that is worried, it’s the other employees that refuse to work with ex-convicts.

This may not be what is right in the world, but it is what it is.

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Well if that’s the case then the pay must really suck! Hiring an ex-convict because no one else will do the work is a bit unbelievable to me especially with the situation unemployment is today unless it pays approximately what a crop worker earns.

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As a continuation, I was once a deliverer, mover and set-up person and never rated my abilities on how much I made. If it wasn’t to my minimum amount (which I considered reasonable) then I just wouldn’t accept the job. I worked for several furniture/appliance delivery jobs paying little more than minimum wage (at the time) and one for a union shop and found my production was no different in either case.

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