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Oh, gosh… a year ago? Two? It’s not a new feature.

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It is bizarre to drive by your own house….kinda creepy actually. A stalkish app IMO.

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Its good to tour exotic locations from the comforts of your home! somewhere in Switzerland

Yeah 2007 in US.. European pics have a better resolution.. they were taken later on..around 2009.. They must have improved their technique and instruments by then..

Plus there are Panoromio and Flickr pics integrated into the maps.. its quite cool..

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It’s been available here in the states since 2007. Have used it all the time since then.
Also, it’s great when shopping for a house.

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My neighbor is depicted, from street view, showing his plumber’s crack doing yardwork . . . beautiful!

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I’m currently using it to plan my holiday and pick places to stay

@tom_g has got it for house moving – great to see not just the outside of the house but up and down the street as well. Gives you a better idea of the neighbourhood if it’s a big move and you can’t always visit.

My mum and youngest child are pictured in a street in our village

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My garage door is open and you can see junk inside. Embarrassing. I wish they’d do another pass down my road so I can wave.

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omg years ago.
I also knows the very day they drove by because I saw the vehicle.

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Yes. A couple of years ago.

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Yeah, probably 3 or 4 years ago.

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It’s been a while now. Why do you ask?

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A little less than a year ago when the Apple store showed me what my Ipad can do.

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Yep. It’s pretty cool.

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About 31/2 years ago when I scoped my own home and saw our new car sitting in the drive. It was in the fall so all the leaves were gone. For s&g’s I checked out North Korea. Not much to look at.

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All your base are belong to Google.

I first saw it when I read a press release in about 1930 about it.

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Like @blueiiznh: I saw them drive by when I was working in my garden…it freaked me out a bit that a person was driving in my village taking photos of homes.

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I’ve been aware of it for several years. I asked a question about Google Earth on Fluther once but it didn’t get a good response.

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Two years ago? My 80 year old friend was happy seeing her old home in Weschester NY after I printed it our for her.

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Or 38 ave, Alberta, 3 years ago. I love being able to see the hotel Imight stay at on holiday.

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Yes,I’ve been visiting it for the past couple of years. My brother was standing on his porch when they went by, so I saw him there, in Ft Worth TX.

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I heard about it within the last year. I had great fun looking up addresses of places I’d lived that I still remembered. It was only partially successful The angle of the views often didn’t match up with my memories. Still, I enjoyed it.

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2 years ago. I read about it on Gizmodo and immediate looked up the first street I remember living on in Michigan. The building is gone and it’s a vacant lot now, overgrown with weeds.

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There used to be a couple pictures of a coworker laying back in a lawn chair while his work truck was blocking the street. Quite a hoot around the office.

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that didn’t work for me @krrazypassions

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This gets you a bit nearer on the zoom level – on Satellite View you can see the circle of stones. Just keep zooming in and the view will change to Street View. It’s a cool link @krrazypassions.

If you visit in person you don’t get that near the stones as they keep you to the perimeter, (well they did 10 years ago when I last visited)

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@Stinley Thank you. Reminds me of Riven/Myst. Cool toy!

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I just revisited what I think of as my childhood home. It’s now a parking lot for a university. Sigh. Well, it saves me a trip to visit it now that there’s no there there.

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Yellowstone National Park (The Supervolcano whose caldera is the entire National Park! ref: Bill Bryson’s book “A Short History of Nearly Everything”- chapter: Dangerous Beauty) and nearby National Forests satellite view-
use the pegman icon to view the numerous amazing pics -(heart lake, geyser awesome colored pond) of this region.. and the amazing street views too…

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I’ve been using Google street view since 2007. You can call or email them to get them to take your address offline.

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