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Whats the best place for cheap plane tickets?

Asked by tedd (14058points) June 22nd, 2011

Flying to Vegas for work training in late July. I’m staying after the training and turning it into a mini-vacation since my flight is on the companies tab, but my girlfriend is flying out to join me after the training so we’re going to split her ticket. Whats a good place to find cheap tickets online, or alternatively, which would you recommend (since we’re probably all familiar with the basic names; Travelocity, Orbitz, etc).

Located in Columbus Ohio if that will make any difference.

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I use “Ding” on Southwest and, which usually has really good deals.

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I use Hipmunk to look for flights. *Disclaimer: I know one of the guys that runs the site.

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Kayak is a good way to compare costs.

Southwest is having a special on until tomorrow at midnight for $40, $8— and $120 one-way fares all over the country (depending on how many miles the flight is).

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1) Always compare the airline’s site for the same route that you find on a third-party site. You may save on a couple of fees and get the same price.
2) Check for package deals you can swing with a hotel for the nights she’s there and her flight (since you’ll need a hotel those nights as well).
3) I don’t know if Allegiant Air flies to Columbus (or a nearby airport), but they always have super-cheap, no-frills flights.
4) Check the Sunday paper for upcoming travel deals.

Good luck.

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I second Hipmunk. Shows you all the possible flights with prices in one handy display.

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Spirit Airlines has some good deals but they are limited in the cities they fly into and out of…worth a look though.

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@erichw1504 :: And you can sort by “misery”. I just think that is really funny.

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