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What is your favorite soft drink?

Asked by Joker94 (8180points) June 22nd, 2011

Or soda, or pop, or whatever you prefer calling it. Bonus Lurve for any rare/obscure ones! Or do you prefer mixing several types of soft drinks? If so, what’s your secret?

My personal favorites are Coca-Cola and Cherikee Red. The latter is, first of all, spelled correctly and evidently rather difficult to find outside of Ohio and Pennsylvania. It’s one of the best cherry sodas I’ve ever had.

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I like Vernor’s ginger ale and strawberry pop the best.

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I don’t drink them very often. I tend to drink water, tea, coffee, and beer.

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I don’t drink it a lot (usually one per day), but I tend to like Diet Rite: no caffeine, no sodium, no sugar, sweetened with Splenda.

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I do however want some cherikee red now. I’ve never had that.

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Diet Dr. Pepper.

When I was a kid, it was Faygo Rock ‘n Rye.

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@lucillelucillelucille Never had Vernor’s…it is now being added to my list of things to drink.
@Mikewlf337 Cherikee Red is really, quite good.
@marinelife & @crisw I commend you for having a taste for diet pop, I could never dig the taste at all :l
@Pied_Pfeffer Never had that either!

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When I used to drink soda, I loved orange soda. The brand doesn’t matter as long as it’s orange, carbonated and doesn’t taste like oranges at all.

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Diet Dr. Pepper! There’s only one store in Amsterdam where I’ve been able to find it, so I’m always excited to plop down €3 for a 12 oz can.

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@Joker94—It’s deliciously different! :)

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Where’s the store? If I ever get my dream visit to Amsterdam, I will have to go there…

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Vernor’s was a lot better when they still bottled it in Detroit (you can tell I grew up in MI since I like Faygo and Vernor’s!) It’s still pretty good, though.

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Used to be Surge, but now it’s Mountain Dew.

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Moxie used to be grate stuff. I like birch beer, too. It’s not always easy to find birch beer, and I haven’t seen Moxie in decades.

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Does Pabst Blue Ribbon count? I don’t drink soda.

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I’ve seen Moxie at BevMo. They carry lots of niche-brand sodas.

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Another vote for Birch Beer!

Wundy’s right though – it is difficult to come by.

Pfft. I can’t drink it anymore anyway, being a diabetic and all. But it’s good stuff.

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Dr. Pepper and Cherry Coke…yum! :3

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Cherry Coke was one of my favourites growing up – until recently you couldn’t buy it in Canada (and even now, I think it’s only available here once in a while for some promotion or something).

I do remember having bubble-gum flavoured pop as a kid, too. It may have been Hubba Bubba, but I don’t quite remember.

The best, though, is root beer mixed with orange pop. Yum!

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I’m not keen on soft drinks. I like tea, water and fresh orange juice.

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Cream Soda.

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(caps necessary for sheer enthusiasm)

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Jarritos Apple Soda in a glass bottle real cane sugar.

Nu-Grape or drive up the road and get a Sun-Drop in Rocky Mount.

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Grape Crush

The crush products may be Canadian. I’m not sure..

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@Jude – Ohhh, the grape one is the bestest one! I think there was also a green one at some point…

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The original Coca Cola is my favorite.

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@Seelix SOO good. It’s been my favorite since I was a kid. I still get a purple barber shop moustache when I drink it. :) The lime is good, too.

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I like quite a few… Irn Bru the alchoholic version is yummy too WKD I also drink diet coke. I like Fizzy elderflower too!
As for non fizzy soft drinks I like Ribena

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Arnold Palmers (half iced tea/half lemonade), followed closely by Jones Cream Soda and Diet Coke w/Lime.

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Coca Cola!

Dr. Brown’s Cream is yummy for a treat.

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Same as @Pied_Pfeffer :D
Ginger Beer.
I also like Irn-Bru and Dr.Pepper.

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I prefer hard drinks. Scotch and Whiskey on the rocksXD

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Dr.Pepper rules this globe, muffagas!

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Dr Pepper fans: while currently not the appropriate season to bring this up, my sister and I used to heat it up in a saucepan during the cold season. It loses most of its carbonation, but is still tasty.

@Joker94 I hadn’t heard of ginger beer either until reading the Harry Potter books. I thought it was a made-up beverage until visiting @queenie‘s fine country of England and being introduced to it. It is sort of like ginger ale, but with more flavor.

@wundayatta and @cprevite I’ll third the vote for birch beer. Both parents were from Pennsylvania, and unless visiting the state, it was the only time I’ve seen it.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Yup. Dr.Pepper is one of those rare soft drinks that still tastes awesome when it’s flat. Some root beer brands are also up there for that.

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I completely overlooked Dr. Pepper…quality drink.
Great answers, @all! I’ve nailed down a couple things I’ll be questing for now XD

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I don’t like anything that has bubbles in it, but I like Vimto because it comes as a still drink too.

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I love Creamola Foam but you can’t seem to get it nowadays.

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Frostop root beer is delicious as well. I forgot to mention that one.

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@Pied_Pfeffer: Las time I found Birch Beer was at one of those “Job Lot” places driving through Maine – about five years ago.

I’m pretty sure Polar makes a version of it.

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You might want to check this out.

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@crisw Very interesting. Creamola Foam used to be really popular I can’t believe they have lost the recipe. Tragedy. Thanks for the link.

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@crisw It’s on Leidsestraat, about 3 blocks west of Leidseplein. No idea what the name of the store is, they just have an awning and shelves full of junk food from back home.

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