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Is it normal to be too passionate about a song?

Asked by QueenOfNowhere (1868points) June 22nd, 2011

Is it normal to feel extreme things listening to a song? Every time I ask someone, they say it’s crazy. I personally cry to songs… Even just imagine short films with the music, go pretty much insane. Since I was a kid music made me cry. Yesterday way my birthday and I was very wasted, Keane’s song We Might As Well Be Strangers was in my mind the whole night… It still is. I am afraid to listen to it because I feel way too passionate about it! I know its weird!

Do you ever feel like this? Or is music just something you listen to without feeling powerful things…

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This happens to me. There is a reason why music is so popular and almost a universal creative exploit… it is powerful stuff that affects us deep in the core of our psyche.

Your friends who are calling you crazy have either been listening to the wrong music, they aren’t actually human, or they are lying.

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There are songs that make me cry uncontrollably. Most of the time, I don’t like to listen to music unless it does make me feel something.

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It’s called being a teenager.

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There are three (or four, can’t remember them all all of the time) that have that effect on me.
Uncontrollable shedding of a tear.
Sinead’s Never Get Old is one of them.
Around 3.03 the flood gates open.

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I cry often to songs. Or smile. Or feel happy (the blues tends to make me very happy).

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No, it’s not. It is just music. Glorified words that have melody.

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Yes, it’s normal – no matter what your age is. I find music very powerful.

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It’s normal for me. Doesn’t matter if it’s normal for anyone else.

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I don’t cry much, but if I did, it would only be from music.

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There’s nothing wrong with that. You probably feel things deeply, and music is a great outlet for that. I don’t normally cry over songs (with the exception of one or two), but I can have strong emotional reactions to songs that are moving. That’s the power of music. And especially the power of Keane. My favorite of theirs is “Somewhere Only We Know.” Will have to listen to this other song you mentioned.

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Certain songs bring out emotions in people. Some make people smile, some make people sad, some make people cry. It’s all part of why Congreve said, “Music has charms to soothe a savage breast”.

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I used to feel this way when I was younger, too.

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Absolutely not. Without music there is just talk shows.

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It’s called being a human. (In response to @bob_ ‘s comment.)

Being passionate and experiencing depths of emotions in reaction/response to art, music, and literature reflects the colorful nature of our humanness. One without the other, whether consistently having absolutely no reaction/response to such things or a total removal of art, music, or literature would lead to depravity.

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It’s good too have songs that stir up strong emotions, It can get you to start seeing the bright side of things, it can inspire hope in you, it can get you revved up in a way that you can take on the world, it can halt a suicide attempt, they can serve as reminders to a past event, etc. I have a three songs that can get me close to tears, two by Demian Rice and one by Lisa Hannigan.

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Yes, especially to Keane!! I cry to Keane all the time. “I wake up, it’s a bad dream, no one’s on my side…”

For me, it’s more instrumentation. I recently discovered Mumford and Sons, particularly “The Cave.” When the trumpet comes in at the end, I turn into a blubbering baby. I think it’s good to be that passionate!

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