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What is the best way to bind my journal?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10839points) June 22nd, 2011

I was using composition notebooks, but I am searching for a very durable alternative that will allow me to remove the pages for making copies. I back my notebook up.

There are ledgers with durable covers, but I fear that the paper will stop being produced, and I don’t want to store paper or change systems again someday.

I am looking for a “last notebook” that I will not need to change.

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Can you use a nice three ring binder and use loose leaf paper?

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Book binding is an established and ancient art form. I’ve done quite a bit of it. The only method I know of which allows durability combined with removability is accomplished by hot melt adhesives. New materials allow pliability strong enough for flat opening, yet they can be reheated for individual page removal/repair when necessary.

If your desire is to remove and scan, then may I suggest either photographing a copy with digital camera on copy stand without removing the pages, or look on eBay for a tabloid oversized scanner which can handle open spreads. The process of removing pages from a book designed for durability is not an easy task. Very precise and involved work requiring much attention to detail.

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