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Do you ever feel like it is too much effort to care about things?

Asked by Mariah (25876points) June 22nd, 2011

And how do you snap out of it?

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Sometimes yes.

I don’t always try to snap out of it. If I get to the point where I don’t care it is probably already past the point of no return.

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Depends on the thing… there are a few things I feel like I should care about even if its a lot of effort. But these are BIG things and so its not that hard to snap out of it by say… taking a break.

For most things though, if I don’t care then I’m fine with it. There is enough going on that I don’t feel the urge to care about most things.

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No…the minute I stop caring is the minute I lose purpose for even being here. When life gets really challenging I pick fresh flowers and take a hot bubble bath and let the “issues” dissolve away.

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Oh, I have so wished for a self washing face!! I am so crickety, I sometimes have ‘bed days’. If I am that sore, I don’t answer the phone and certainly not the door. I don’t get into people clothes and don’t do my hair. So be it.

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Yeah. I go through phases depending on my mood and what I’m doing. We can’t do much about a lot of problems, but we can still do something.

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Step back and take a break from it all. Do something fun. It will help change the outlook of things.

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Yes, there are times that caring is simply too much.

What snaps me out is usually external and, unfortunately, not caused by me. That’s because doing something about it is effortful.

If we’re talking serious anomie/detachment here, you may very well be depressed. That’s really what depression is….not caring.

Possible emotional antidotes:

1) Try thinking about what happened just before you stopped caring and deal with that thing.
2) Entertain the idea that your reason for not caring is to protect yourself from hurting. Be brave and delve. Then, eat vanilla ice cream (Dean’s Vanilla Bean is strongly recommended).
3) Tell an angry friend about how much you don’t care and hope he/she/it will bitchslap you into a feeling state.
4) Tell a friend with emotional intelligence about how much you don’t care and hope he/she/it will drag or nag you to therapy.
5) Go to talk therapy on your own.
6) Go for drug therapy.
7) Get shock treatment.
8) Get a dog. They’re more compelling (and annoying) than cats.

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roughly half of me does 100% of the time, it is very… painful to try to get myself away from it. Thus I’ve made an ultimatum with myself, if I cannot find what I need (I know what it is I need), then I’m ending it all next April.

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cats are way more annoying than dogs, cats are selfish

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dogs command attention=annoying

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cats poop in the house, nothing more annoying

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little boxes, garbage bags. Aren’t you a hunter? guts

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I think this describes the feeling of losing focus on an important item. And I do mean specifically the moment when you’re losing that focus.

My first guess is that you can snap out of of it by brainstorming (pen and paper) on why it was important to you in the first place.

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sometimes dealing with cat poop is one of those things that take too much effort to care about

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Other people help me to snap out of it. Sorry for sidetracking your thread. I know it’s hard when you feel that you don’t care. Books, movies with some guts to them help, too.

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Most of the time there’s no effort involve to care [ if it’s appropriate ].

But when you are not that deep involved into some things most need a push to care or at least start. [ it’s like when my house goes on fire only relatives / neigbhours and state cares a bit but the rest do not care that much OR when someone advertises a sad situation to ask for fund raising .. until ou see that you do not care ( one cares but only a bit ) ].

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@King_Pariah What is it that you’re looking for? Perhaps we could help you find it, if we knew.

Depression is a nasty beast, isn’t it? The only thing that really worked for me long-term was therapy and medication. If it’s situational, changing your situation is a great idea, if you can. If you can’t, but it’s temporary, just hold on tight until it’s over. It always gets better, so just keep that thought it your mind.

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Believe me, you couldn’t help even if you knew what it is, and if I told, then that ounce of doubt in my head would divide me yet again that it was all fake. Paranoia plus Depression is a bitch.

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Sometimes, but then I realize it takes more effort to pretend I don’t care.

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I find caring extremely difficult in general most of the time.

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Yes, especially when… eh…

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