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Why would censor things such as file-sharing community information?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) April 27th, 2008

I understand that it is illegal, which is the reason in and of itself, but wouldn’t they want to stay as cutting-edge and modern as possible. I think this hinders them a lot

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it hasn’t hindered them since the start.
this isn’t a blog or forum for sharing “file-sharing community information”
plain and simple.

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great example of today, the question about the name deepthroat in the watergate scandall, it got me going, it got me reading, meanwhile, the same day, some goof posts that he “lost” his prodcut key, after “coincidentialy” asking 2 questions about downloading games, and the kid is clearly just wasting our time…
now, wich one do you think is ment for fluther?

see, you know how it works, illegal is bad, smart is good, oh, and there’s also questions for the time waste/retoric catergoy, can you guess wich one this question belongs too?

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If you don’t denounce something, often you can be seen as promoting it.

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