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Whats on your bucket list?

Asked by Quinnk123 (201points) June 22nd, 2011

I just thought i would ask what the people of fluther’s plans were for the summer. What are some things that are on your “bucket list?” What are some fun or interesting things that you want to try to do. One thing on my “bucket list” is to go up to 10 random strangers and ask to take a picture with them. What are some crazy things like that that you plan to do?

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The only thing left on my “bucket list” is to kick the fucking bucket.

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Bah, humbug, @RealEyesRealizeRealLies, good to see you again.
I want to go to Egypt, see the pyramids, damn fighting, for one thing.
I want to go for walks, lose the weight I gained not walking and wear my new ( 3 years ago) sundresses again.
I want a love.

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To find somebody to love, climb Mt. Everest, ride camels, visit all of my favorite Fluther friends, and visit all of the historically appealing places that my little heart desires.

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A few things left which involve traveling some more in the world.

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I can’t think of anything to put on my bucket list that’s local, free, something I would like to do and haven’t done already.

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I want to visit Hawaii and Jake and sip pina coladas under a coconut tree.

I want to visit London again – but with enough money to just hail cabs and shop like Paris Hilton. The last time I went I was busking and hitchhiking many moons ago.

I want my fluther harem to actually become my harem – in a house not unlike Hef’s with the grotto and everything. Don’t worry, Jeruba, there’ll be a huge library.

I want my own perfume/cologne.

I want to publish my book of poems.

I want to record an album.

I’d like to jam with a few people, like Paul Simon, Neil Young and the members of Queen backing us up – doing rock versions of oldies – with Edge giving a couple of solos.

Well, this was fun. And I was going to ignore this question this time around. Maybe I’ll go back a few years and see what the other zen’s wrote and compare.

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I don’t even have a bucket list.

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Underwater basket weaving .

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Go on a tornado hunt.
Go on a ghost adventure.
Go sky diving.
Visit Australia.

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Go skydiving or hangliding.
Deliver a baby.
Give a big hug to Jason Mraz.
Punch the mess out of my cousin Tessa.
Learn how to back-flip from a stand-still.
See a mummy’s tomb.
Drop a penny off the Eiffel Tower, but also learn how to speak French.
Touch a real Kangaroo.
Finish a 5000 piece puzzle in one day.
Have a reasonable conversation with the President.
Adopt a homeless, helpless dog.
Swim the English Channel
Shoot a gun, (at a target, not at anyone, or anything).
Cut somebody’s hair.
Travel to the Vatican and meet the Pope.
Ride the tallest roller coaster in the world.
Slap some sense into Lindsey Lohan.
Climb Mount Everest.
Run or bike a Marathon.
Learn the meaning of Life.

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There are a few things but the most important would be going down south to stay.

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Mine is almost empty with only one thing left to do and in 2 short years I will be a happy man!

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Me, Betty White, and Cloris Leachman.

i’m comin’ bitches . . .

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Mine is mostly traveling, ironic since I don’t care for traveling.

I want to visit Ireland, England, Machu Pichu, Japan and I think that’s it.

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Me, Olivia Wilde, and Isla Fisher.

Batten down the hatches.

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Go skydiving, do a lot of traveling.

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I want to go scuba diving, take classes in metalworking, lampwork and dichroic glass making, donate at least enough blood to replenish that which I’ve taken (11 units), and get into outer space by just about any means necessary.

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A trip around the world is one on my list.

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Make a bucket list.

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