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Can I dry my jeans in the dryer?

Asked by roundsquare (5512points) June 22nd, 2011

I have to do laundry when I get home and I am wondering if its okay to dry my jeans in the dryer. I know I’m told I shouldn’t, but does that rule apply if the jeans are about a year old? I’d prefer not to hang dry them but I will if I need to.

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Yes. I’ve never heard of not doing them in the dryer.

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Yes, what @MyNewtBoobs says. It would never even cross my mind not to simply put my jeans in the dryer. Hang dry them? Don’t they end up kind of stiff and crunchy?

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@MyNewtBoobs @lillycoyote They don’t shrink?

When I hang dry them they turn out fine, but I’m in a rush today…

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I usually hang my jeans and then fluff them on low heat, but I dry my jeans all the way on low heat all of the time. I wash and dry my husbands’ jeans with the rest of the laundry without any special care. All of the different methods seem just fine.

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They shrink a little bit, but just back to the normal tight state they were in before you stretched them all out by wearing them.

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Cool, thanks all!

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Jeez, you guys and your pampered pants. Jeans are my go to pants; they’re blue jeans, for goodness sake. If I did all that hanging and fluffing with my jeans I’d be naked most of the time.

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@lillycoyote Me too. Mine last about 5 minutes before I use them as “God’s napkin”. I’ve never folded them, ever.

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@MyNewtBoobs LOL. We are of one mind about the “God’s napkin” thing, I think. I like a public restroom well stocked with paper towels as much as anyone but sometimes when I encounter people who seem overly fussy or bent out shape when one isn’t I gently remind them that “that’s why god invented blue jeans.” I will confess to the occasional fold, if I manage. If I leave mine in dryer they are sometimes horrible wrinkled and when I wear them I look like I’ve slept in them, in the backseat of my car. On the few occasions I manage to pull them out of the dry immediately after they are done I will fold them.

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No, especially if they contain ‘stretch’ (Spandex, Lycra, etc.) this will break down those materials making your jeans slightly bigger over time.. when they will eventually become more like 100% cotton ones. If they are 100% cotton and have been dried before they will not shrink more unless you use some type of extreme heat. If they are dried for the first time expect a slight loss in length rather than all over. I believe this has to do with the weft and weave. (I could be wrong about that) Low heat is what I would do. If they are a dark denim and you’d like to keep them that way longer wash and dry them as little as possible (barfy huh?) and putting them in the freezer on a piece of paper will remove smoke smells – which is pretty crazy
Although, I have some 100% cotton ones which I must dry to compensate for the amount they stretch out when worn.
It really depends on the jeans and how you like them. Personally I dislike the feel of denim when it’s hung – crunchy and hard.

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TIP: if you fold them before you put them in they will not crease so bad.

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Yes. There is a chance they will shrink a mini mini amount in length, depending on the weight of the denim. The best thing about jeans is they are simple to take care of. Washing machine safe, dry, wear. If they feel snug when first out of the dryer they will give after a few minutes of wearing them.

If they have stretch in them don’t over dry. Do the last 15 minutes on a lower setting or air dry when they are just short of dry.

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@JessicaRTBH Oh, all the jeans I’ve put in the dryer have had stretch in them. They’ve always been fine.

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@MyNewtBoobs Some jeans have a lot of stretch in them, it depends on the percentage whether to consider drying time. No matter what I feel you can dry them all the way, just eventually things with elastic and stretch can lose their elasticity. Usually it takes a really really long time for it to get really bad even on items that are not denim, but things like elastic waists etc.

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@JLeslie Oh. I guess I haven’t worn a pair of jeans more than a couple of years, then. They aren’t quite the life-time investment for me other items are.

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@MyNewtBoobs I have jeans 5–10 years old that I still wear.

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You can, though if they’re new and/or 100% cotton you may experience shrinkage. I prefer to let mine air dry. After a day or two of wear they conform to my body perfectly, and I don’t want to undo that by drying them. Also, air drying jeans helps them last a bit longer, IME.

@JessicaRTBH Just add some fabric softener to the wash and, voila, no more crunchy jeans!

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When you live in a place with high humidity it would take forever for jeans to dry just hanging there, unless you put them out on a line in the sun maybe? Even still, in FL, especially in the summer, I would always dry them at least part way.

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Yes, of course you can. I do all the time. The only jeans I dont put in the dryer are skinny jans because if they do shrink, I just cant wear them anymore. But other jeans, really don’t seem to shrink, and if they do, you just have to wear ‘em out for a few hours. Otherwise you should be oka!

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@ lonelydragon – great advice. I should do that. I guess I quit using fabric softener when I was doing laundry for a baby (because it messes up the fire retardant coating on their pjs)
Have you ever had it leave spots on your clothing? I believe I must be doing something wrong. Thanks for your help

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I hang my jeans. I don’t like the shrink.

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Nope putting them in the dryer will make no difference really. I don’t think my jeans have ever shrunk.. well not too much anyway.
The only thing you have to watch out for is when you hang them out to dry. The sun will fade them.
But that’s not your problem so yeah :)

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I put mine in the dryer for a while to get most of the moisture and wrinkles out, then I hang dry them the rest of the way. I do this with most of my clothes.

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