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KNSFW Describe a time when you blew someone's mind.

Asked by rOs (3524points) June 23rd, 2011

As said.

I was party-hopping in my less upstanding college days. I spotted this kid that was obviously in a drug-induced wonderland. His friend told me it was his first time tripping, and asked me to “mess with him”. I walked up, as a stranger, with long hair, dark clothes, and a serious look on my face. I took him to the side by his shoulder and told him, in a dramatic tone:

“You are in a pitch-black, massive cavern, sitting on a stone just above the surface of a lake. There is water trickling down from the walls in the distance…
The trickling quickens, you feel water droplets hitting your face, you hear water crashing faster, more and and more powerfully all around you, your stomach turns as you are about to be swept under by a massive tide, then… Nothing….”

The look on his face was priceless.. After realizing he was at a party, surrounded by people, with music playing again, he burst out laughing,“Dude, I don’t know who the fuck you are, but you just blew my mind!”. I heard later that he wasn’t sure if I was even real.

For bonus points, give your take on what is actually happening when someone’s mind is “blown”.

P.S. Lets not make this about right or wrong, what’s done is done.

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It’s when I shot that guy in the head. I totally blew his mind.
Oh wait, I think that was a dream. Never mind.

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When I explained to some girls around a campfire that the characters from Winnie the Pooh all represent different mental illnesses or disorders, that the characters from Ed, Edd, and Eddy are in purgatory, and that Toy Story 3 is a holocaust metaphor.

I think I destroyed their childhoods.

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^slow clap^

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I refuse to believe that every time I’ve had sex with a woman, she faked it!! Either a lot women need to be actresses, or I did something right lol.

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It’s my mind that got blown up when a pretty 9 year old girl told me that in school, every time they do something good, they are given a “fuckin dollar”.

Luckily, before I could say something to her Mom, I had the sense to ask her to spell “fuckin”, in which she answered, f – a – l – c – o – n. Falcon dollar! ( why the school would come out with play money called Falcon dollar is beyond me ) Lol.

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“Just wow!”

Very gratifying to hear those words a little while before hanging up the phone.

I should go “out of town” more often. ;)

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Every time I tell someone to do this.

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I was the sober buddy for these idiots that were on shrooms. We were walking through a park when I got the funny… and perhaps cruel idea to tell them that they were standing in the middle of a swarm of black widows. It blew my mind how fast they all could climb up the nearest tree and that all of them didn’t break the sapling they climbed up. I left them there until they sobered up.

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I was excited to try that out, but found that each of 5 different articles led back to Greek Language, before it would cycle through humans…indo-europeans and back to Greece.

Oh well!


Everytime I climax. Especially after 2–3 days of non-activity. That really blows my mind.

@erichw1504 That’s funny. :D

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@erichw1504 Play the penis game! Start at a random wikipedia page and race a friend to the “penis” page.”

@Blackberry—Uh…come to Massachusetts ever?

I guess I blow some people’s minds when I tell them how I made a living for the past year?

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@sliceswiththings I went to Rockport in 2007, but that’s it, although I’ve wanted to explore the NE more : )

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You want me to describe it? Well, it was dark. And raining. And the asshole tried to break into my house. I think his mind was blown by the 4th round… oh wait… I’m in @queenie‘s dream.

I don’t know that I’ve ever blown anyone’s mind. Unless telling my hubby he was gonna be a daddy counts…

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When in all my ‘professionialism”, at an open house I had designed/staged, full of high end clients, I announced, after some wine, and speaking of my recent trip to Asia that if I was 30 years younger I would plant my entire property with Opium poppies and subsidize my retirement years with a heroin cartel. lol

A quick roundup of those with humor and those mega uptight ones that choked on their Chardonnay. haha

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard can ya explain the ed edd and eddy one?

@erichw1504 that took me forever to get to it but I did. I came across aristole and plato a couple times first though.

its really not nice to fuck with people when they’re on hallucinogens, especially if its their first time…

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@erichw1504 I wound up going in a circle just like @trickface.

@uberbatman they never age, there are no adults around, and some other stuff… you can find a ton of info about this and other theories on teh googles. Those girls weren’t on hallucinogens.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard ehhh i guess I can see it but thats the weakest of the three examples you gave above IMO.

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Why not blow my mind and tell me what the “K” in “KNSFW” stands for?

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kinda not safe for work. though i dont understand why.

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@mazingerz88…that’s funny. I know someone who almost burned his hands trying to move something very hot…he caught himself just in time and said, “Mother falcon!”

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I blow a lot of peoples’ minds when I talk about music at the level and depth that I do… I get a total kick out of that.

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In my last employment situation, I shared my expertise is some cutting-edge statistical and graphical representation of some very complex medical data involving hundreds of observed and measured variables. The physician-researchers with whom I worked were frequently thrilled and dumbfounded by important relations I uncovered among the variables that they never dreamed they could find with the statistical analyses they knew (and they were not notices with the usual statistical methods).

I guess this constitutes blowing others’ minds.

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When I informed the Dean of Women, in front of my roommate, that Jesus drank wine so why couldn’t I? The Dean was speechless; the roommate freaked. LOL !@

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