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What celebrity would you freeze in carbonite and where would you display it?

Asked by rOs (3529points) June 23rd, 2011

Here is a visual reference, if you haven’t heard of carbonite.

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For me, it would be Fred Phelps. I’d rent it out for gay-pride parades, bar mitzvahs, and memorial day. Otherwise it would be displayed on the highest tower of the west wing of my castle.

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Already done with Jimi Hendrix.

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My first choice would be Osama Bin-Laden. However, since he is dead and has been dumped in the ocean I guess I’ll have to go with Ayman al-Zawahiri. I would display him over the mantel of a large fireplace in the White House until such time as he can be moved to be used as ornamentation in a fountain on the grounds of whatever structure winds up being built at ground zero.

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Anthony Hopkins. I always thought he had character that would show through stone.

@YoBob shudder

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Sarah Jessica Parker…on a plinth at Churchill Downs.

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Lady Gaga. On top of Gaddafi’s head.

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Lindsay Lohan, down at the corner of the bar. Or maybe at an AA meeting.

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Rachel Riley bending over, at the foot of my bed. Failing that I’ll take any other one with a nice ass. Failing that, I’ll take Glen Beck… Not all of him, just his head, I would keep it in my laundry basket.

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Pamela Anderson

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Han Solo. I’d travel back in time to 1977 and freeze Harrison Ford, and display him as a coffee table.

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Leonard Cohn. He’d be waiting for me by the front door. He’d be on wheels so I could drag him from room to room. God I’m selfish!

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I think I might like a younger Liam Neeson… or perhas Denzel…. I am sure my husband won’t mind me keeping them in the bedroom.

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@Bellatrix – Alas, you know what they say cold does to a man… ;)

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@atlantis – RE: “Shudder”

Actually, my vision for the fountain is to have him temporarily un-frozen so he can be repositioned in such a way as to suggest he is having carnal relations with a pig. I think it would make a wonderful addition to the courtyard of Freedom Square.

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Sheesh @YoBob ruin a woman’s fantasy why don’t ya!!! Well at least my husband will then be able to point out their inadequacies I suppose.

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Justin Bieber, so I never have to hear about his stupid ass anymore, and I would display it on Time Square.

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Nicolas Cage, just to stop him ruining any more movies.
I’d put ‘it’ in a crate in the warehouse with the ark from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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In the stag room at the golf club.

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Freezing Mel Gibson in Carbonite would keep him from promoting his hateful twisted ideas about various racial and religious minorities.

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celebrities are overrated…such a waste of carbonite

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I’d freeze Dolph Lundgren and use him as a hood ornament.
]@josie LOL!—What’s a stag room?—Should I be afraid?

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Russell Brand. And I would display him at the bottom of Lake Michigan…

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