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Thoughts on blue hair?

Asked by cheebdragon (19939points) April 27th, 2008 from iPhone

royal blue (purple blue), not old lady blue.
just wondering.

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If you are under 20, I say go for it.

If you want to look professional, I say don’t.

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Gorgeous only on Marge Simpson.

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me think of green day ala, 1992.
Or….hot topic

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I think you could pull it off. I went midnight blue once and it was horrible. I didn’t bleach it first and it was horrible. My hair doesn’t take color well. Did I mention that it looked horrible on me?

I would try a small streak first and see how your hair deals with it. I would lean towards purple. My first girlfriend had purple for a while and it looked awesome.

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It reminds me of the 90’s, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I think if you like it, give it try. I will say one thing, blue hair dyed well looks ten times better than faded-looking, poorly died, blue hair.

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yes, I agree with peedub- ive seen a bad dye job before and it looked like a blue-slime-green… Also, from the sun the blue can def fade to a green color too.

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So far I have done blonde, black, green, midnight blue, hot pink , bubblegum pink, red, orange, purple (see pic), and violet/black, baisicly every color of the rainbow but never brown, so I was thinking about what color I want this last time because I’m 20 right now and won’t be able to pull it off much when I get
older. I already have 3 purples, 2 blues, and 1 hot pink dye, I can mix n match any of them if I can just figure out the color I want…?.....

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I say go for it, why not cross it off your list.

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My thought: not getting enough attention?

Sorry, you asked ;)

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Haha its not about being an attention whore, i have reclusive tendencies and I hate when people stare at me but when I have weird colored hair I know why they are looking at me so it doesn’t bother me, I’m just weird really, I care what people think when it comes to how I look, but I don’t give damn what people think about my personality or about the things I do or don’t do : )

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I think it would go good with your eyes but in all serious aspects if you can pull it off it should look great.

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I think you may be on to something with that blue hair.

(You gotta have blue hair)

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If it suits your style (clothes, make-up, etc.), go for it. Your hairstyle should reflect your personal style and personality and if blue hair does that…......that’s what you should go for.

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When my daughter was a teenager she put pink streaks in her hair. It was lovely. But she was beautiful no matter what she did.

I don’t know about going with a solid blue or pink or whatever. You might look like a cartoon character.

I agree with @glial “If you are under 20, I say go for it. If you want to look professional, I say don’t.

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