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Has anyone here browsed the human genome on their iPad? Would you alter your genome if you could?

Asked by Photosopher (1397points) June 23rd, 2011

Introducing The Genome Wowser

Nothing I enjoy more than kicking back with a nice hot toddy and a mysterious juicy genome to read through.

How long do you suppose it will take before we can load our own personal genomes, cut, copy, paste to rearrange and upload back to our bodies?

You could do a global search for “fat” genes and reduce them by, say 23% with the touch of a button. Baldness, have it your way… Wanna be Gay for a day? How bout a few extra neurochemical connections to get ready for the big test tomorrow?

Would you rearrange your genome if you could?

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I don’t know. My family gene pool is actually a pot of soup that someone has thrown just about everything into. There’s some absolutely great genes balance with a decent amount of crap. I’m concerned that it might be a very delicate balance I’m maintaining her and that changing anything might make the whole thing unstable. I don’t want to play Jenga with my genome.

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I would nuke the arthritis gene, provided it’s loss didn’t set in motion something ugly.

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But there is nothing new here. Genome alteration is being practiced everyday by a certain number of people in the US.

Politicians. : )

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Wanna be Gay for a day. I loled.

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