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I can't get the file sharing to work between my two computers, help please?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19041points) June 23rd, 2011

Ok, so I’ve got 2 computers: a Sony laptop and an HP desktop. Both run Windows 7. I just reinstalled Windows 7 on the desktop, and before I did that, I could share files.

But now!!! it no longer works.

I’ve set up a homegroup, created secondary user accounts on both computers (not guests), and enabled sharing of all important folders. But when I drag and drop something from one computer to the other, I get various error messages like “Destination Folder Access Denied – You need permission to preform this action” or “Network Error – Windows cannot access [folder path] – You do not have permission to access \\User-Vaio\C on [folder path]. Contact your network administrator to request access.

Now, it also doesn’t ask me to log in when I go to the other computer via My Network, which it used to, nor do I remember having set up a homegroup before.

Help please?

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Your computers must be part of the same Workgroup and then each computer must set selected directories as “shared.”

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Ok, I’ve done that.

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Nm, it’s working now. Flagging for removal.

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Don’t worry. It will break again :D

Seriously though, my file sharing has always been a little flaky and random. You can do everything right and have it not work, or do nearly everything wrong and have it work; doing it right has no bearing on the matter. And sometimes it will start or stop working based on planetary alignment, whale migration, or just plain old randomness.

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@jerv Awesome. I love it when my science depends on whale migration. Makes it sexy, puts the spice back into our normally cold and calculating relationship.

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